Economic Crisis Will Effect Shipping In 2010-2012-bree daniels

Business In the recent 6-8 months, the entire country has felt the impact of the declining economy from all angles. In the trucking industry, declines of 20% truck capacity have been recorded and by mid spring and early summer, it is projected to fall up to 50%. This drop in truck capacity will ultimately result in higher rates to you, the shipper. Now is the time to plan ahead and reduce shipping cost before it’s too late. I do not imply that you stop paying fair rates to carriers but what I am implying is that you find resources that save you money. My Mobile Logistics services can provide just the savings you are seeking out without .promising truck and freight safety. How this works is; the mobile logistics office relocates to your facility and sets up shop on your property for a minimal mileage set up fee. ($1.50 CPM from where ever we may be located at the time of request for service). Once located on-site, we begin to analyze your shipping needs and implement it into our transportation plan for optimization. At this point we would want to consult in your decision makers and production specialist in order to obtain maximum results for production and costs effectiveness. Basically we perform multiple duties for you and reduce your bottom line by significant amounts. By performing these shipping duties with logistics services, it reduces the need for in house shipping personnel and without those personnel; it prevents the need for health and retirement benefits payable by your .pany. This could easily shave hundreds of thousands off of your payroll, resulting in higher profits and reduced risk to you. Moonraker Logistics Inc. is an authorized independent agency for Landstar Transportation which provides freight shipping in a global perspective. Having Landstar capacity of over 8000 semi trucks at our disposal means a consistent flow of trucks to haul your freight through our Mobile Management office. Our resources don’t stop there, Landstar agents have accessible partners throughout the US, Canada and Mexico along with relationships with Air, Ocean and Railroad service providers. The decision is yours to make concerning freight shipping, however the true recession IS .ing and if you don’t have a strong Logistics Management team backed by a strong carrier base by early summer, you could find yourself without a dependable carrier and your freight shipping cost could destroy your business. Our services are free once positioned on-site, however our payment would be to obtain all of your shipping business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: