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Which is strong in fire safety education?   demonstration class evaluation, teachers show magical power   – Chongqing window – People’s interest in fire safety demonstration class. Reporter Chen Longxiang classroom sounded the fire safety alarm, but also use the fire escape box, what is the case? Don’t be nervous. This is actually the teacher’s explanation of fire safety knowledge. Yesterday (23) morning, Chongqing City, Xicheng District fire safety appraisal of the model class in Shapingba District University City opened a small, from Shapingba District, Jiangjin District, Dadukou District, Jiulongpo District teachers participated in the selection. The children listened carefully in class. Reporter Chen Longxiang photo "classmates, classroom fire, how should we escape?"" Ten morning, in the university city a small 2 floor of the classroom, the teacher is Xiao simulation classroom fire scene, asked the students to their own use of fire safety escape box that is right to escape, and one by one comment. Sitting at the back of the classroom, by the District Board of education research, teacher and district fire brigade experts jury, is according to the content of the course, the teacher is vivid and other aspects. The teacher taught the children to use the fire mask. Reporter Chen Longxiang photo it is understood that, in order to further improve the school management and fire safety publicity and education level, enhance the quality and safety of fire and self rescue, Chongqing City Board of education combined with the city fire department since the beginning of 2014, to carry out fire safety appraisal of the model class activities. The competition is divided into three groups: kindergarten, primary school and middle school. The first of each group will choose to participate in the fire safety demonstration class finals in the city. Study and discuss in groups in class. Reporter Chen Longxiang photo from Shapingba District teacher Li said, before the kids on fire safety lessons, the need for a large number of investigation and research, and according to the different geographical location, different teaching focus on fire. "This competition students are not their students in the classroom with the degree of increase to a certain degree of difficulty, it is also a test of our teacher." The fire safety appraisal of the model class held annually since 2014, driven and influenced thousands of teachers’ participation, to an important role for the popularization of campus fire safety education." Shapingba fire brigade relevant person in charge said. (Xu Yan Chen Longxiang) (Wang Zhang, commissioning editor:??) 消防安全教育哪家强? 示范课评比各校老师显神通 –重庆视窗–人民网 趣味性十足的消防安全示范课课堂。 记者 陈龙翔 摄   课堂上拉响了消防安全警报,还动用了消防逃生箱,什么情况?别紧张,这其实是老师们在讲解消防安全知识。昨(23)日上午,重庆市西城区消防安全示范课评比在沙坪坝区大学城一小拉开帷幕,来自沙坪坝区、江津区、大渡口区、九龙坡区的老师参与了此次评选。 孩子们在课堂上认真听讲。 记者 陈龙翔 摄   “同学们,教室着火了,我们该怎样逃生呢?”上午十点,在大学城一小2楼的教室中,肖老师正在模拟教室起火的场景,要求学生们自己使用消防安全逃生箱里的东西正确逃生,并逐一点评。而坐在教室后面,由各区教委教研员、任课老师和各区消防支队专家组成的评委团,正根据课程内容、老师授课是否生动等各方面情况进行打分。 老师教孩子们使用消防面具。 记者 陈龙翔 摄   据了解,为了进一步提高学校消防安全管理和宣传教育水平,增强师生消防安全素质和自防自救能力,重庆市教委联合市消防总队自2014年开始,开展消防安全示范课评比活动。此次评比分为幼儿园、小学和中学三个组别,每个组别的第一名会推选参加全市消防安全示范课决赛。 课堂上分小组进行学习讨论。 记者 陈龙翔 摄   来自沙坪坝区的李老师说,在给孩子们上消防安全课之前,需要进行大量的考察和研究,并根据不同地理位置,讲授不同的防火重点。“这次比赛课上的学生都不是自己的学生,在课堂配合度上增加了一定的难度,这也是对我们老师的一个考验。”   “消防安全示范课评比自2014年起每年举办一届,带动、影响了上千名教师的参与,为普及推广校园消防安全教育起到了重要的作用。”沙坪坝消防支队相关负责人表示。(徐焱 陈龙翔) (责编:王?、张?)相关的主题文章: