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Interior-Decorating Folding chairs are inspired efficiency for both .fort and seating space. They’re good for the office, as well as around the house. On the patio, in the yard, and even as part of your hunting and fishing gear. No school goes without them, nor would you go to a speaking engagement of any kind and not expect to see them. They have proven themselves to be the most easily accessed and one of the most frequently used type of chair on the market. If you ever had to shop around for any of these chairs, then you were sure to run into an overwhelming variety of choice. They .e made in different metals, different woods, plastic, and various types of designs. Some have cushions, some do not, some have padding, some have cloth. The list goes on and on of the different features available. And they can be bought wholesale as well. Many of these chairs are beautifully adorned with nice fabrics and colors. You can get them with a round back, or you can get them squared. You can buy wooden ones, or metal, or plastic. Some of the woods are Mahogany, Natural Wood, Black Wood, Oak, Pine, and many others. There is literally no end to the different materials that these chairs are made from. For places like a school or an office that has frequent use of these chairs, and wants to store them somewhere on the facility, there are racks made for storing and easy transport. Some are made to stack the chairs on, and others are more of a hanging type storage. But they .e on rollers and can easily be moved in and out of whatever place they need to be stored in. They are known as chair caddies. For temporary seating these chairs are give great service. Funerals and graduations are two good examples. Another fine feature these chairs have is that they are lightweight. On average they may weigh, depending on what they are made of, and what type they are, anywhere from five up to ten pounds. This type of chair is not a new concept. They date back as far as the ancient Romans, the Greeks, and the Egyptians. The very first one made of aluminum with a fabric strapping for its back and seat, was designed by Fredric Arnold in 1947, who later started a .pany and ten years later was cranking out 14,000 chairs a day. Most all of us can picture those scenes behind the making of movies, and the director sitting in his chair. These chairs have made their way into our culture, and seem to be here to stay. Unlike the directors model, some are quite sophisticated in their designs. The ancient wooden ones had intricate carvings in them with significant characters and meaning. These chairs are a testament to beauty and elegance, and can always be found to enhance any decor. While folding chairs are simple and efficient, they are also extremely practical for many situations. I would say that their overall service and convenience are what make them so popular and unique. Many times I have gone fishing and hunting, and pulled out my folding chair and settled in. They are a real credit to ingenuity and simplicity in an invention of need. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: