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Fuzhou’s "VR" movement and the new era of iron and steel technology – Sohu Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference "is one of the important industry conference since the Tencent launched open platform. It is the official propaganda stage of Tencent’s "open" strategy, as well as Tencent partners and prospective partners to understand the new rules of the open platform and the trend of the next year window. In 2011 years after the time, Tencent open platform is already the largest open platform for the Internet, more and more small and medium developers to get the flow of resources, technical support and direct economic benefits from the. This is a good thing. When such a scale of thousands of people, brought together the most popular Internet industry practitioners in the conference held in different cities across the country, the local government will naturally welcome cooperation. It brings not only the propaganda and economic effects, but also for the Internet practitioners around the local exchanges and cooperation with the local provides an opportunity. 2014 held in Sanya and Chongqing in 2015, through cooperation will do more or less Coushang this lively, even on weekdays in the two city with the "Internet" and "hit it hard to take the relationship. That’s a good thing. But when this year’s Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference came to Fuzhou, the Fujian provincial government in the general assembly to give Fuzhou with "national VR industry base" label anger brush sense of presence, a Tencent official release of the "white paper" 2016 Internet innovation and entrepreneurship also designate Fuzhou as "VR", I began to feel something was wrong. In fact, this by the government to promote, to build Fuzhou into a "VR" campaign started early this year. In February this year, Fuzhou announced the completion of the first VR industry base; in April, the Fuzhou municipal government issued a special VR industry special support policy; in June when a East Lake VR town VR theme town in Fuzhou under the Changle city officially opened, which is located on the main street, a VR VR experience passenger space, VR community associated with the virtual reality industry commercial landmark. Although I do not know Fujian and Fuzhou municipal government to support the VR industry and the introduction of the Tencent Partner Conference in Fuzhou after the first thing of these two things, but it is now clearly a part of the whole "made" movement. It is said that Fujian Province, in order to promote this cooperation, provides a lot of administrative coordination and subsidies for local Tencent, Internet Co Netdragon in matchmaking — one that is Baidu’s $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wireless once the parent company. Tencent also politely put Fuzhou as the capital of the VR wrote in the white paper, and even the main venue of the gold booth are given to the VR company. I specifically in the main venue of the exhibition hall to turn around, want to understand why the city became the capital of VR". Results I found that, in addition to the "VR Town, East Lake," the booth, the rest of the VR booth vendors are from other cities in the country Tencent partner companies. In addition, the entire venue and some of the elements of the relationship between Fuzhou, Fuzhou import and export mall, Fuzhou software park and Fuzhou hi tech Industrial Park three booths. These nouns of the last century, apparently with.相关的主题文章: