Gained 17 pounds, exceed the standard triglyceride; sugar 60 day was changed significan

Gained 17 pounds, exceed the standard     triglyceride; sugar 60 day was changed significantly — food channel — in recent years, due to health problems caused by excessive intake of sugar and more sugar, gradually became the "sweet trouble". The day before, named "Australia broadcast a documentary film" sugar, show the real effect of sugar on the body, and calling for health must start from the limit of sugar. Experimental documentary about sugar in the hero named Damon? Especially Australia is a rice, director and actor, has always insisted on a low carb diet, maintain a good physical condition. But he found that many people around have a high sugar diet habits. To understand the effect of sugar on health, he decided when the "mouse" test: 60 consecutive days, in the maintenance and the same calorie intake and exercise conditions, consume about 160 grams of sugar per day, and please expert team of the entire process of monitoring the physical changes. To his surprise, just 60 days, his waist circumference increased by 10 cm, weight 8.5 kg; alanine aminotransferase and triglyceride levels are often out of spirits, and even exceed the standard; it is difficult to concentrate. Subsequently, Damon? Especially from Garmisch sugar, his body index also slowly returned to normal.   WHO has suggested that adults and children should not be more than 50 grams of free sugar (added sugar) per day, preferably not more than 25 grams. Damon? Jamie especially a daily intake of 160 grams of sugar, is dangerous.   in the view of Professor Shen Yanying Chinese health education center, intake of sugar will exceed the standard to the injury of the body more than Damon? Gamiu who revealed. First, cause tooth decay. After the sugar such as cleaning is not thorough, will lead to sugar retention in the oral cavity, cause decay. Secondly, induced heart disease. A large number of refined sugar may lead to excessive intake of energy, increase the incidence of hypertension, which leads to heart disease. Again, suffering from fatty liver. Long term high sugar diet, will accelerate the speed of liver cells to store fat, resulting in fat accumulation in the liver around the formation of fatty liver. Fourth, may cause diabetes. The risk of developing diabetes can be increased by 1.1% per person per day as long as the intake of refined sugar from the energy of the 150 thousand cards. If it is already a diabetic, regular sugar hazards will be greater, resulting in the occurrence of complications. Finally, damage memory. The study found that too much sugar will allow the brain to become dull or even suffering from cognitive impairment. Authoritative experts in the United States in the Nature magazine publicly suggested that sugar is like another kind of tobacco, intake of more like chronic suicide, long-term high sugar diet and even short life 10 years.   in fact, Damon? Especially the miniature test scenario is realistic gamus. Relevant data show that the global total sugar consumption was increasing year by year, the global sugar consumption in 2015 amounted to 1.72 tons, an average increase of about 10 in. According to a survey by the German consumer association, nearly 60% of German food is high in sugar, which has led to a number of people with diabetes in Germany, with a total weight of over 7 million 500 thousand and a total of over 51%相关的主题文章: