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Google deep learning software, can be used to protect the "Mermaid" – Sohu technology a widespread view: myths and legends of the "Mermaid", is actually the manatees, the dugong (or to Sirenia). Because maritime seaman dugong see naked upper body in the fog, holding son breast-feeding, mistakenly think that they are in the sea of beauty, namely the mermaid. This statement is full of romantic imagination. But now, both in number or dugong, manatee, sharply reduced, no doubt the reason — because of the disturbance of human activities. The first is to kill — they can eat human flesh, the body can be refined oil, can make skin leather, bones as a substitute for ivory; in addition, they also often die of fishery and sea to protect swimmers anti turtle net and fish, shark nets; finally, they are victims of marine pollution for example, during the Gulf War, oil pollution, increased mortality caused by manatees. At present, people’s willingness to protect endangered marine animals has been aroused, but they are faced with many technical problems. The first is that it is difficult to observe the activities of marine life, and it is completely different from the observation of terrestrial creatures. The submarine observation mainly from aerial photography, it can not on individual organisms for detailed observation, this is also the reason why many common creatures are hiding many puzzles. Since the shark has a mystery. But now, Google says it has the ability to help. University of Queensland researchers used Google TensorFlow machine learning software, created a detector, can automatically in the massive ocean in the picture to the manatee. In the future, this technology can be used to find other creatures, such as the real mermaid. Researchers may have to spend a lot of time to see thousands of images, to find a can take the manatee map, which makes the research work progress is slow. Now they only need to get these data throw machine, a pattern recognition system which can quickly identify the manatee plump body. However, the current machine learning test can reach 100% accuracy, Queensland academics have found that Google algorithm 80% can be found in the actual use of the manatee. If the technology continues to develop, to Zaishangtaijie, so scientists can more easily determine the various marine population size and action rule; this information is the basis for formulating conservation strategies, each species habits of different, need specific treatment. TensorFlow is Google’s open source software, can help the computer faster learning, had already in the search and display skills to the full intelligent advertisement recommendation and other fields, now it appears on natural science also plays a role in promoting a.相关的主题文章: