GREE 13 billion acquisition of Zhuhai silver long Shenzhen hair enquiry

GREE 13 billion acquisition of Zhuhai silver long Shenzhen hair enquiry Phoenix Financial News August 25th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange disclosed today on GREE’s restructuring letter of inquiry, put forward 29 problems from the three aspects of trading scheme, the counterparty and the subject of the transaction, related to the company’s lithium titanate battery technology, financial subsidies, industry status, and require the company in September 1st before the relevant materials submitted to the exchange. In August 19th, GREE revealed the major asset restructuring plan, intends to 13 billion yuan for the purchase price of Zhuhai silver long 100% stake, adding lithium titanate in the home appliance business, on the basis of the original new energy bus and supporting charging facilities, energy storage systems business. At the same time, GREE also intends to raise no more than 10 billion yuan for the construction of the underlying asset investment projects. For the transaction plan, the exchange is mainly concerned about the compliance of the program and the performance of the promise of coverage. According to the letter of inquiry, GREE electric in planning for 6 months prior to the acquisition of Zhuhai, silver long had a cash capital increase, according to the requirements of the exchange, the Commission’s latest policy to determine the capital impact on the company to raise matching funds amount. Secondly, the 21 shareholders of Zhuhai long silver in only 8 profit bear the obligation of compensation, the requirements of the exchange company why 13 other counterparties did not undertake the obligation of compensation and reasonable profit, and further analysis of this only 8 counterparties of shares locked arrangement would end performance risk coverage performance compensation commitments. In addition, according to the report, 1-6 months of this year, Zhuhai Silver Dragon lithium titanate battery and pure electric vehicle production capacity has been greatly improved, the exchange requires the company to explain and disclose the specific reasons. This equity investment projects in Hebei with an annual output of 1 billion 462 million ampere hour long silver lithium battery production line project, with an annual output of 32 thousand Hebei Guangtong car electric special vehicle modification production base construction, the requirements of the exchange company based on the market situation shows the necessity of the project, is facing the risk of insufficient capacity utilization rate. For counterparties, Shenzhen mainly focus on its compliance, namely counterparty and participate in the final subscription object matching funds are more than 200 people, according to the company within 6 months before the suspension and the suspension of 6 shares in Zhuhai during the long silver transfer and 1 cash capital increase, to exchange for companies and independent financial reasons check these transactions consultant and rationality. The 20 problem of the 29 issues focused on the subject matter of the transaction, the problem is mainly focused on the status of the industry, financial subsidies, etc.. According to the report mentioned in the book of Zhuhai long silver core competitiveness of lithium titanate battery technology, the requirements of the exchange company and the disclosure of the target company monomer lithium titanate battery (batteries) are the main performance index by testing and authorities or third party detection, and disclosure of the existence of the target company lithium titanate battery products relative the other major power battery comparative disadvantage. In addition, the exchange also asked to disclose the characteristics of the industry to disclose the Zhuhai silver long and Zhuhai silver industry position, and the main industry in the gross margin difference. Large financial subsidies are also the focus of the exchange. According to reports, as of June 30, 2016, Zhuhai silver long accounts receivable, new energy vehicles in the application of subsidies for the promotion of funds.相关的主题文章: