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Internet financial industry to guide the right track to enter the right track – Finance – People’s Daily recently, the State Council announced the implementation of the Internet financial risks special rectification program. Why carry out special rectification of Internet financial risks? Which areas will be regulated? Will stifle Internet financial innovation? Internet financial risk rectification work leading group responsible person and the relevant person to answer a reporter’s question. Specification of all types of Internet financial industry, promote the healthy and orderly development of Internet banking in recent years, with the rapid development of large data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other information technology, booming Internet banking, almost touched all areas of the financial industry. Overall, the Internet financial development to support national innovation driven development strategy, promoting public entrepreneurship, innovation and supply side reforms, improve financial services and inclusive coverage masks have positive significance. The financial nature of the Internet is still the financial, financial risk has not changed the concealment, infectious, sudden and strong negative externalities, and because the Internet property, spread the risk of a wider, faster, stronger diffusion spillover effect. At present, Internet banking has accumulated some problems and risks in the rapid development of some formats deviated from the correct orientation, risk awareness, part of the agency’s awareness of compliance and protection of consumer rights awareness is not strong, anti money laundering and anti terrorist financing system deficiencies, some even play "financial innovation under the guise of" illegal fund-raising, financial fraud and other illegal and criminal activities. In particular, the recent outbreak of a series of risk events, resulting in a greater negative impact on the reputation of the industry, causing widespread concern in the community, regulate the development of Internet banking has become a broad consensus. The Internet regulation of financial risk special leading group relevant responsible person said, in order to promote the healthy and orderly development of Internet banking, approved by the State Council, the 17 departments of the people’s Bank jointly launched the Internet financial risk rectification. In the short term, the rectification goal is to standardize all kinds of Internet financial industry, optimize the market competition environment, reversing some formats deviate from the correct direction of innovation situation, safeguard the financial interests of consumers, protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, to maintain financial market order, hold no systemic regional financial risks. In the long run, to achieve standardization and development simultaneously, both innovation and risk prevention, the promotion of Internet financial norms of our orderly and healthy development, and play Internet financial support for public entrepreneurship, innovation of the positive role. The special rectification work has been started in April 2016, plans to be completed before the end of March 2017. Lu Jin, CO chairman and chief executive Jikui born believes that the "implementation plan" introduced to lay a solid foundation for the follow-up to the healthy development of the industry, the Internet financial platform in the financial information or financial services, from market access, risk prevention, regulate market order, investors appropriate management etc. to put forward clear requirements, taken with the same the traditional financial management standard, which fully embodies the fairness of the regulatory function, regulation of Internet financial companies and business platform, as well as to maintain market fairness and justice, to protect investors’ determination. Concentrated power相关的主题文章: