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Henan father donated "seeds of life" to aid Chongqing 5 year old girl Zhang Kejun donated blood stem cell / reporter Cai Kimihiko correspondent reporter Zhang Yuwen Xu Junwen photography Washington frost comes in the hospital in Zhengzhou, the sudden drop in temperature, the morning of October 24th, Henan Province People’s Hospital, 21 floor, hematopoietic stem cell collection of indoor warm ocean, flowers, smiling face, with teachers Zhang Kejun Zhengzhou Xingyang sixth big love move: primary school donated seeds of life as a 5 year old girl suffering from leukemia in Chongqing". Zhang Kejun, the first father, said that the donation was the best gift he gave to his son who was just a full moon. "Life is precious, it can save a life. It feels lucky and great."." Morning 11 am, 33 year old Zhang Kejun smile lying in hematopoietic stem cell collection on the bed, the thought of "seeds of life", donated to help strangers in Chongqing patients renewed hope, he gratified. In the school as the physical education teacher Zhang Kejun, more than a month ago ushered in the birth of his son, after the father, he can better understand the patient’s parents eager for the early recovery of children’s eagerness. In November 2008, Zhang Kejun through a charity, understand the hematopoietic stem cell donation knowledge, joined the China hematopoietic stem cell donor database (also known as the Chinese bone marrow Library), I hope some day in the future to have the opportunity to donate to save a life. In June 28th this year, he received the Red Cross Society of Zhengzhou staff telephone, learned that he and a 5 year old leukemia girl matching success, will be father of him, readily promised to donate. After the high resolution matching, physical examination and other processes, Zhang’s donation time is scheduled for October 24th. In October 20th, when he set out for Zhengzhou to prepare for the donation, his just full moon son was hospitalized for viral pneumonia. "You can rest assured to donate, we have home."." Good honest parents, with the teacher’s wife, have special support he donated blood stem cells to save, thank family support of Zhang Kejun said, looking at their own child treatment, very distressed, think their child is waiting for rescue, care, empathy, feel more bounden. The school is also very supportive of his love move, teacher Zhang Qilai accompanied Zhang donated. According to colleagues, Zhang Kejun is a party member, is also the eyes of everyone, warm-hearted, easy-going, conscientious, weekdays can help meet the thing, are willing to lend a helping hand. "When my child grows up, I will show him the honorary certificate of the donation, encouraging him to be helpful and be a good man." It was a pity that Zhang Kejun failed to take care of his son while he was in hospital, but he was able to help save the life of a 5 year old girl. He thought it was worthwhile, especially meaningful. "This donation was the best gift I gave to my son who was just the full moon."." Look at the "certificate of honor fraternity in honour of" full of positive energy characters, Zhang Kejun longing for the days after can share with your child. The young and loving dad wishes the 5 year old of Chongqing to recover as soon as possible, grow up healthy and happy, and call on more loving people to join the Chinese hematopoietic stem cell donor database to deliver hope for the patients who need help. At 12:10 at noon that day, Zhang Kejun success)

河南爸爸捐献“生命种子” 救助重庆5岁小女孩张可军在医院捐献造血干细胞□记者蔡君彦通讯员张予文记者许俊文摄影本报讯霜降来临,郑州气温骤降,10月24日上午,河南省人民医院21楼造血干细胞采集室内暖意洋洋,鲜花、笑脸,陪伴郑州荥阳市第六小学教师张可军进行大爱之举:为重庆一名患白血病的5岁小女孩捐献“生命种子”。初为人父的张可军说,这次捐献,是他送给刚满月儿子的最好礼物。“生命可贵,能救人一命,觉得挺幸运,也挺伟大。”上午11时许,33岁的张可军面带笑容躺在床上采集造血干细胞,一想到自己捐献的“生命种子”,能帮助素昧平生的重庆小患者重燃生命希望,他倍感欣慰。在学校任体育老师的张可军,一个多月前迎来儿子的降生,为人父后,他更能体会患者家长渴望孩子早日康复的急切心情。2008年11月,张可军通过一次公益活动,了解了造血干细胞捐献相关知识,加入了中国造血干细胞捐献者资料库(也称中华骨髓库),希望有朝一日能有机会捐献,救人一命。今年6月28日,他接到郑州市红十字会工作人员的电话,得知自己与一位5岁白血病女孩配型成功,当时将为人父的他,爽快答应捐献。顺利通过高分辨配型、体检等流程后,张可军的捐献时间定在10月24日。10月20日,在他出发来郑州为捐献做准备时,他刚满月的儿子因感染病毒性肺炎,正住院治疗。“你放心去捐吧,家里有我们呢。”善良淳朴的父母,同为教师的妻子,都特别支持他捐献造血干细胞救人,感谢家人支持的张可军说,看着自家孩子治疗时,心疼极了,再想想人家孩子等着救,将心比心,感同身受,更觉得义不容辞。学校也很支持他的爱心之举,派教师张琦来全程陪同张可军捐献。据同事介绍,张可军是一名党员,也是大家眼中的“热心肠”,为人和善,尽职尽责,平日里遇到力所能及需要帮忙的事儿,都乐于伸出援手。“等我的孩子长大了,我会把这次捐献的荣誉证书给他看,激励他乐于助人,做个好人。”未能在儿子住院时陪伴照顾,让张可军有些遗憾,不过,能够帮助挽救一位5岁小女孩的生命,他觉得很值得,特别有意义,“这次捐献,也是我送给刚满月儿子的一份最好礼物。”看着荣誉证书上“博爱长驻,无上光荣”等满满正能量的大字,张可军憧憬着日后能与孩子分享。这位年轻有爱的爸爸,祝愿重庆5岁小患者早日康复、健康快乐成长,也呼吁更多爱心人士加入中国造血干细胞捐献者资料库,为需要帮助的患者传递生命希望。当天中午12时10分,张可军成功捐献155毫升造血干细胞混悬液,成为全国第6034位、河南省第582位、郑州市第223位非血缘关系造血干细胞捐献者。这份饱含河南大爱的“生命种子”,随后被郑州市红十字会工作人员乘飞机送往重庆,当晚10时许就能输入患者体内。(大河报)相关的主题文章: