Henan has a culture of his foolish old man, private garden has become a treasure house of Art – tour sugus

Henan has a culture of his foolish old man, private garden has become a treasure house of Art – Sohu travel thousands of years down power carved male Zhuangfu feat word John Park epitaph for epic, eighty thousand miles of mountain Xiushui bred Lin Ge Mo Yan Junjie Jnce Title name. This is the ancient city of South Gate Park Scenic Chinese John Beilin a magnificent and elegant beautiful couplet. When you read this couplet, Yu Fan had swum the famous Qingming River Park, and came up with the one across the street in front of Chinese Hanyuan scenic forest of Steles, the weather was poor, we have no time to visit, it was heavy rain rushed to the tourist reception center for rest. By the time the rain, accompanied by the staff to fill our brain a lot about the story of John Park, the original garden city is Chinese John Beilin retired cadres Mr. Li Gongtao to carry forward the traditional culture, the development of cultural tourism, led the family, self financing, in support of the community, launched the construction of a large theme culture garden. After twenty years of construction, now the John Park is divided into two parts, the South classical garden district, north to become the main stone corridor, landscape art landscape and landscape architecture art, poetry, calligraphy and painting, inscriptions at all times and in all countries set art Dacheng culture garden, covers an area of more than and 100 acres South Garden, scenic area, northern inscriptions calligraphy and painting exhibition exhibition area, more than 3800 pieces of tablets, up to six li Beilang dynasties were ordered, with representatives of ancient calligraphy rubbings, at the same time with the modern style into tablet Gallery comprehensive display of contemporary calligraphy art style. South garden area is composed of a ridge, two Tan, three Taiwan, three lakes, mountains, islands, three Bay, three springs, five Xi, nine waterfalls, ten peaks, twelve bridges, twelve pavilions, from south to North in turn built south arch, Yudai bridge, Huangdi family statue, monument, Panlong ridge, high booth hill, John, Wencui Park Lake, poetry Tour Taiwan, Yang Mountain, zigzag bridge, like Confucius, stone island. The North corridor buildings, famous ancient painting and calligraphy exhibition of more than 3800 pieces of tablets, from south to North in order to build a monument monument, stele, banyan Pavilion, Yi Hongqiao, Hanyuan Museum of art, the history of entrepreneurship hall, Wenchang Pavilion, head of Beilang etc.. Li Gongtao spent all his possessions, through many hardships, with great determination and courage spirit deeds are already established Chinese maximum of the attention, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Li Keqiang, Zeng Qinghong, Li Tieying, Wu Yi and other party and state leaders had to John Park inspections, spoke highly of the great culture of the foolish old man; not only that, his deeds are still overseas also caused great repercussions, former Japanese Prime Minister Kaibe Junki, former South Korean President Jin Yongsan and other foreign dignitaries visit John Park, gave a high evaluation, and the inscription praised as "treasure of Oriental Art and culture" (Jin Yongsan inscription), "Oriental culture essence" (Kaibe Junki.). John Park built after the old Mr. Li Gongtao and unpaid donated to the state, has become a famous tourist attraction opened, and was named the national AAAA level scenic spots, also won the "A Well-Known Trademark in China" and other awards, become the first private Chinese history also has a number of the world. Really can!相关的主题文章: