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.puters-and-Technology Flat screens with high definition resolution are the most popular in most homes today. But for other people with enough budget for making their own home theater, a projector is a must. Projectors can present you with a movie house atmosphere because it shows you the movies and videos on a big screen. First and foremost, know the resolution. Don’t forget the resolution size of the projector you want to purchase, the bigger it is, the better. Well, of course, projectors with bigger resolution size are usually more expensive than the ones with lesser resolution size, but it can present you with the big difference in your viewing experience. Higher picture quality means higher pixel count, high pixel count means more vivid scenes and images. Lumens are the light output, and this refers to the brightness. .pare them to budget projector models which sell for less than $1,500. Now’s really a good time to consider them. They used to cost many thousands of dollars and prices have since fallen. The old CRT technology projectors were heavier weighting over a 100 pounds. These new generation of projectors are .pact and lightweight. They weigh from 5 to 15 pounds. You can carry the lighter ones around, so there is no need to get home to watch your live sports program. You have the option to take it wherever you want. An example would be watching a movie in a friend’s house. A .pact projector is an excellent idea for those who have several homes at different locations. You don’t need to buy a projector for every home. One projector will do just fine. Nowadays you have the choice of either having a projection screen or simply using the wall to project the image on. You might question how to reconcile the difference in location for all this equipment? You either have to move all the .ponents back or simply lay cables from the various sources to the projector. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: