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How did the two "non mainstream" win the "new state war" in the US presidential election? Trump: stand on the winning stage to fight the election as "occupation as politicians" face Trump raised his thumb, praised his supporters: "Oh, oh, oh! We will make America bigger!" As early as the start of the new primaries, some analysts said it would be the litmus test of whether the Trump phenomenon could last for seven months, and Trump proved that he could win". According to exit polls, most Republican voters are dissatisfied with the federal government and Republicans, and this has become the most important factor in deciding the winning of Trump, a non professional politician. Before this, he continued to attack Obama and make the United States "fail" in the election campaign. He believed that Daikin and interest groups were manipulating American politics. He particularly stressed that he was running for his own money, so he would not be affected by anyone. He said, "I don’t need your donations. I just need you to vote for me."". At the same time, after the Iowa crashed after, Trump also began to adjust the strategy, more and more like occupation politicians do business campaign. The defeat in Iowa suggests that Trump’s challenge is how to translate the public opinion support rate into his voting rate. His team also recognized that the national media advertising campaign may not be effective in state and local, must be at the grassroots constituency plough to succeed cuipiao. So, in New Hampshire, Trump also began to participate in the traditional "citizen conference", face to face with the public, showing a more humane side. Moreover, New Hampshire, as the first state to vote in the United States, attaches great importance to the details of the candidates’ policy positions. Therefore, Trump recently uncharacteristically, is modest and courteous every word and action, and more and more talk about the details of policy. Even if people questioned his views on illegal immigrants and Muslims, Trump responded patiently, saying that it was his own words that enabled the media to discuss issues in depth. The election results of the new state proved that Trump team’s strategy was properly adjusted. Saunders: I can pull Hilary down like Trump, and it’s reasonable to claim that Saunders’s victory in the political revolution in the United States is justified. New Zealand export polls show that voters are most concerned about income inequality, economic and employment, medical insurance, and terrorism. These are the main issues of Saunders, and he has more advantages than Hilary. The graying old man’s "progressive" claims have also succeeded in attracting support from young voters and blue collar workers. For example, he promised to bring economic revolution to supporters, including free universities, universal medical insurance, and increased minimum wage. He was strongly opposed to Wall Street’s position, also let the voters feel courageous. The debate between Saunders and Hilary is largely regarded as a struggle between political change and policy continuity. He start empty-handed challenge Hilary’s powerful "campaign machine" in Iowa, tied with her foot to see Hilary’s presidential campaign congenitally deficient. In other words, there are various indications of the election so far

两位“非主流”如何赢得美大选“新州之战”?   特朗普:像“职业政客”那样拼选举   站在获胜的舞台上,笑逐颜开的特朗普举起大拇指,赞扬他的支持者:“喔,喔,喔!我们一定会让美国变得更伟大!”早在新州初选开始前,就有分析称这将是七个月民调长盛不衰的“特朗普现象”能否延续的试金石,而特朗普以行动证明自己“可以赢”。根据出口民调,多数共和党选民对联邦政府和共和党不满,而这成为决定非职业政客的特朗普胜出最重要的因素。此前,他在竞选活动中一如既往地抨击奥巴马使美国“失败”,认为大金主和利益集团在操纵美国政治。他格外强调他是在用自己的钱竞选,所以不会受任何人的影响。他说:“我不需要你们的捐款,我只需要你们给我投票”。   与此同时,经过艾奥瓦州折戟之后,特朗普也开始调整策略,越来越像职业政客那样经营选战。艾奥瓦州失利,显示特朗普的挑战在于如何将民意支持率转化为对他的投票率。他的团队也认识到,全国性媒体的广告攻势在州和地方未必有效,必须在基层选区深耕细作才能成功催票。所以,在新罕布什尔,特朗普也开始参加传统的“市民会议”,与民众展开面对面交流,表现出自己更加人性化的一面。   而且,新罕布什尔州作为美国投票初选第一州,非常注重对各参选人政策立场细节的考察。因此,特朗普近期一反常态,一言一行都显得谦逊、有礼,并且越来越多地谈论政策细节。即便有民众当面质疑他有关非法移民、穆斯林的言论,特朗普也耐心应对,称正是自己的话使得媒体能够深入讨论相关问题。新州的选举结果证明,特朗普团队的策略调整得当。   桑德斯:我能把希拉里“拉下马”   与特朗普类似,号称要在美国掀起“政治革命”的桑德斯的获胜也在情理之中。新州出口民调显示,选民最关心的议题依次是收入不均、经济和就业、医疗保险,以及恐怖主义。而这些恰恰是桑德斯主打的议题,也是他与希拉里相比更具优势的领域。这位头发花白的老者“进步主义”色彩浓重的主张,也确实成功地吸引了年轻选民和蓝领工人的支持。例如,他承诺若当选将为支持者带来经济上的“革命”,包括免费上大学、普遍享有医疗保险、增加最低时薪等。他强烈地反对华尔街的立场,也让选民觉得勇气可嘉。   桑德斯与希拉里之争很大程度上被认为是“政治变革”与“政策延续”的角力。他在艾奥瓦白手起家挑战希拉里的强大“竞选机器”,能与她打成平手足见希拉里竞选总统的先天不足。换言之,迄今选举的种种迹象表明,民众对华盛顿政治体制的不满甚至愤怒已经不可否认;特朗普、桑德斯都是打“反当权者”牌,才能一路领先。然而,希拉里为拉拢民主党基层选民,主动与奥巴马“捆绑”,却容易被看作维护现状的“既得利益者”,因此在党内初选中很难占得先机。   同时,希拉里团队在竞选策略上仍是昏招迭出。在她主推选出“美国首位女总统”的口号拉拢女性选民后,竟有为其站台者声称,那些不投希拉里的女性在地狱中将会有“一席之地”。这件事的负面效果马上显现,有人立刻称这再次证实希拉里拥有“特权阶层的傲慢”。更有分析指出,在维护女权方面,其实桑德斯做的比希拉里更好。尤其在呼吁男女同工同酬、解决收入不均和减免学费方面,桑德斯是更合格的“女权维护者”。   历史表明,笑到最后的才是真正的获胜者。对两党参选人来说,目前鏖战才刚刚开始。艾奥瓦州的共和党初选已经有16年没有成功地将该州的初选获胜者送入白宫,其“大选风向标”的意义正在减弱。新罕布什尔州更加倾向非传统的参选人,在这次初选中也再次得到印证。紧随其后2月下旬举行的内华达州与南卡罗来纳两党初选,将使竞选态势更加激烈。还是那句话,好戏还在后头。   (张志新 新浪国际天下周刊研究员) 扫描二维码关注“新浪国际天下周刊”公众号,可以了解更多重磅、新鲜、好玩的国际资讯相关的主题文章: