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Business Are you familiar with the concept of "residual income?" Today, many people are used to receiving money through a linear type of income, where direct payment is paid once for the time put in or for overall job performance. To be paid by the hour or receive a salary is what is known a linear income. Residual income is derived from accrued earnings from a down-line or from repeat payments from a previous sale such as an insurance policy sold by an insurance agent, or when a recording artist receives income from a recording that was done 10 years ago. It keeps coming in month after month, and year after year for work you do just one time. Most people won’t be able to make a lot of money from residual income, but that’s not its purpose. Residual income is the extra money that you keep receiving, allowing you to turn your attention to other projects. The best thing about residual income is that it comes in by itself. You don’t have to keep up any effort, or do any maintenance, because you’ve already done the work. There are several ways to work in the direction of creating online residual income. Some people have placed in print resourceful pieces of work using an online publisher, where with every sale they receive a percentage of the sales price. Other people generate informational products (such as ebooks) and establish a marketing plan that allows them to wait for others to purchase their product. Since the book is already written and the sales approach already implemented, the money that comes in through sales is considered residual income. There is no need to keep working on the book once it is finished Another way of making a residual income online is a membership program. You’ll receive residual income for recommending other people to the program, and performing jobs like reading email, clicking links, and visiting ad pages. Like most forms of residual income, you won’t get rich quick. However, you can add a little more padding to your pocket for small luxuries. Additionally, some Internet marketing service providers (such as web space and helpful tools) often ask people to aid in distributing their services. This means if you sell to a customer (and the customers continues the service), then you stand a good chance of obtaining residual income as a result. Actually, any sales circumstance that is commission-based as well as provides additional payment can lead to residual income. There are numerous ways of creating residual income using the Internet and a multitude of affiliate programs to help you to this end. Learn more by doing online research, you can gain knowledge and insight of the opportunities available by reading articles, blogs and marketing sites. Online residual income is a good way of creating an additional income that can provide you with the extra that you need. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: