Huaan futures fell limited space PP or wide shocks gamelink

Huaan Futures: the first two months fell space is limited to PP or a wide range of clients view the latest market in the third quarter, ahead of time to hype atmosphere and the second round of the peak overhaul has lifted to a high profit polyolefin, whether the continuation of high price must also pay close attention to the actual demand of polyolefin in September. September is the traditional peak demand for industrial products, but also the peak season of agricultural production. The second round of maintenance season will be basically completed in September, when the production capacity of recovery and downstream demand can expand the perfect docking will directly determine the "golden nine silver ten" trend. Analysis of main influence factors outlook 1, economic downward pressure is not reduced momentum to pick up slightly less than the new financial Chinese general services business activity index (service PMI) rose from 51.7 in July to 52.1, the overall moderate expansion, but still lower than the long-term average. By the impact of the new Chinese manufacturing industry PMI down, in August the new fiscal China integrated PMI recorded 51.8, slightly lower than the value of the year in July. July service industry was a slight contraction in employment, steady in August. Some of the respondents to increase the number of personnel to assist in the new project, some companies do not fill the vacancy after the voluntary resignation of employees. Manufacturing employment continues to decline, the lowest decline recorded this year, but still more obvious. Affected by this, the overall number of labor declined for fifteenth consecutive months, but the decline was moderate. August, manufacturing and services investment costs have increased, but the growth rate slowed down. Service costs rose slightly, the lowest since January 2015. Respondents said the decline in the price of diesel and other commodity prices, slowing the pressure of rising costs. At the same time, manufacturing costs rose to moderate levels. Therefore, the overall increase in the price of inputs slightly. Figure 1: total investment in fixed assets rose                         Figure 2: new financial PMI still weakening data source: wind; Huaan Research Center 2, crude oil futures industry fundamentals: supply and demand is not real quality better. The rebound of the limited space in geopolitics, the dollar index weakened sharply, U.S. crude oil and gasoline inventories fell and frozen OPEC production meeting is expected 8 months early, the international crude oil futures rose sharply. Among them, WTI main contract rose 23.52% in October, Brent’s main contract in November rose to the highest of 22.78%. Into the late, subject to Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other countries continue to increase the market to increase the supply of crude oil and excess worry, Nigeria armed conflict ceasefire, Fed officials hawkish speech and the U.S. dollar rose, U.S. crude oil inventories increased and the market for the September OPEC conference members could not reach agreement is expected to freeze production the international oil prices fell sharply. Among them, the main WTI contract in October the largest callback range of 12.88%, Brent’s main contract in November the maximum callback rate of 11.97%. Looking at the August oil prices, the overall first.相关的主题文章: