Identify more than 10 million hidden danger to the geological disaster in Guizhou 9c8947

Find out the hidden trouble point more than 10000 Guizhou to geological disasters of war – China News Agency, Beijing in September 13 Guiyang Xinhua (reporter Zhang Wei) 13 reporters from the office of the Guizhou provincial government was informed that, as the only China in Karst Mountainous provinces, Guizhou is the most serious geological disasters Chinese one of the provinces. The latest investigation shows that at present, Guizhou has identified 11161 geological hazard points, a direct threat to the safety of the lives of 1 million 260 thousand people, the potential economic losses of 35 billion 800 million yuan (RMB, the same below). In this regard, Guizhou started to implement the comprehensive management of geological disasters in the province three years action plan, aimed at eliminating 1266 geological disaster prone areas and concentrated; the basic to solve the problems of weak links of geological disaster prevention system, efforts to promote the geological disaster monitoring and warning system construction, basically completed a comprehensive geological disaster prevention system. Xiao Caizhong, deputy director of the Guizhou Provincial Department of land and resources, said that as of now, the implementation of 229 major geological disasters in Guizhou Province in 2015, the project has started construction of the 60. 74 projects have been completed in 2016. The joint efforts of all parties, the 238 geological disasters threatened the school governance projects have been completed, a total investment of 1 billion 20 million yuan, more than 12.4 guarantee the safety of teachers and students according to the plan, Guizhou will continue to complete the 21 city geological disaster comprehensive management in 2016, the comprehensive management of hidden harm 45 rural geological disaster, 300 geological disaster hedge relocation 71 major tourist attractions, geological disaster comprehensive management work. Guizhou is located in the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau to the transition zone of the eastern hilly area of Karst karst strata are widely distributed, the ecological environment is extremely fragile, prone to geological disasters, frequent, and concealed, sudden, destructive, has the characteristic of "disaster, disaster and hidden trouble, the frequent occurrence of". (end)相关的主题文章: