Indonesia is required to pay a tax of $400 million Google faces more and more international. bloxorz

Indonesia is required to pay a tax of $400 million Google international is facing more and more Tencent to punish technology news according to foreign media reports, the U.S. technology giant Google (micro-blog) found that more and more international regulators are implementing strict censorship on it. They review issues including taxes, competition and privacy. The following is a penalty for Google or must pay: Indonesia: This is the largest amount of money Google has recently been asked to pay. Government officials in Indonesia said this week that they were ready to require the company to pay five years of tax, totaling approximately $400 million. Russia: in August of this year, Russian antitrust officials announced a fine of $6 million 800 thousand for Google, because the company uses its Android operating system to gain an unfair competitive advantage. EU: in the summer of this year, the EU imposed a fine of $3 billion 400 million on Google, because the company suspected of using its search engine’s dominant market share for unfair competition. France: France’s data protection authority imposed a $111 thousand fine on Google because it failed to comply with European privacy rules known as the "forgotten". France: the French government said it is trying to pay Google $1 billion 760 million in taxes. There has been no official verdict yet, but in the spring of this year, Google’s office in Paris was raided by investigators. Russia: in 2015, a court in the city of Moscow ordered Google to pay $900 thousand in damages, because it is illegal to read a resident email. Holland: in 2014, the government of Holland threatened to impose a fine of $18 million on Google because it violated privacy laws. Of course, for a company with annual revenues of $75 billion, all of the above payments are negligible. But the widespread investigation into Google has made many people outside the United States to add to the impression that technology companies do not believe that rules apply to them. As far as Google is concerned, the EU is still investigating whether it is abusing its Android market position for unfair competition. (compile Le Xue) Tencent science and technology opened almost know the agency account! Do you dare to flop, I dare to answer in the know you.相关的主题文章: