Know almost respond to failure events third party firewall internal changes caused by running man20130526

Know the response to failure events: third party firewall internal change caused by the founder week almost know the source of Phoenix Technology News September 7th news media said today issued a document, known to users through the mobile phone client login will enter into another page, and can read private messages, modify personal page etc.. After knowing the official emergency measures, the serial number phenomenon no longer appear, but in the personal page in a line of code error, users can not carry out other operations. Then know the little housekeeper announcement, will appear the phenomenon of the client knows IMEI to respond, said this is because the third party firewall products using the known of internal change. Know that has been a temporary adjustment of the third party firewall strategy, mobile terminal services are gradually restored. At the same time, we said that the anonymous reply and other personal information leakage phenomenon, said the little housekeeper known, anonymous known on the user’s page and no entrance, so lead to the disclosure of data corruption is very low probability of anonymous answer, please rest assured. The following is known about the response or by the third party client firewall fault temporary offline announcement this afternoon 14 points to 05 points, our engineering team received alarm products; then, we began to receive feedback, there are parts of the user in the use of knowledge on the client, in "login" situation (after the serial number confirmed that the data show disorder). The team of engineers quickly failed the screening. At the same time, in order to avoid the impact of a larger range of follow-up and user privacy leaks, we do a mobile client service emergency offline processing. At present, we initially locate the cause of the failure. 14 minutes before the alarm, at around 03 points, know that almost all of the use of the third party firewall products internal changes. At present, we temporarily adjust the third party firewall strategy. After repeated testing and screening, mobile terminal services are gradually restored. Firstly, we directly affected, can not use the knowledge of the friends who apologize. We are more affected by the serial number of a sorry; knowledge of the students deeply disturbed, our data show disorder of screening, mandatory access knows the user login again in this period of time, to minimize the risk of leakage of user privacy. In addition, almost unknown to know the answer in the user’s personal page and no entrance, so the data confusion leading to a very low probability of anonymity to answer the leak, please rest assured. At the same time, there is no indication that a published content has been tampered with. We still further detailed investigation and checking, if you find a problem, please feel free to give us feedback, we will try our best to do the follow-up processing properly. Apologize again. Know almost相关的主题文章: