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Kodak’s new 360 4K VR camera released styling is very Q- Sohu digital   Kodak (Kodak) announced that it will develop a permission of the panoramic camera 4K 360, which will allow Kodak to have a total of 3 models of 360 panoramic camera.         new Kodak PIXPRO  360  4K  VR camera (4KVR360) design is very compact, in a body on the integration of the front and rear two 4K cameras. Before SP360 if you want to shoot a panoramic video of 360×360 degrees, the user will need to use two SP360 before.         CMOS 20MP 4KVR360 is equipped with a sensor and a SD card (up to 128G) several road 360 video content. 4KVR360 integrates the WiFi and NFC features, users can download a dedicated APP through the phone to remotely control 4KVR360.         the new 4KVR360 design is more easy to use, which is equipped with 3 recording mode as well as its own video mosaic feature, users do not need to know how to connect the video content on the computer. 4KVR360 also provides high resolution mode, and can shoot 16:9  video; the main function of 4K 4KVR360:         20mp  front  camera  with  155-degree  lens,   true  4K  gives  197-degree  view         20MP front camera, equipped with 155 the degree of lens, really 4K  197 degree wide viewing angle         20MP rear camera, 360×235 lens         video splicing function built-in can provide the speed of 15 frame, but if you download the video mosaic words can reach 24 frames         2m splash, anti dropping, dustproof and anti freezing         16:9  4K graphic video or 360 panoramic video   & nbsp;         lithium battery;     4 built Microphone         stereo microphone   &nb.相关的主题文章: