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Korean experts: the intervention effects of severe towards the door close or to the original title: Korean provocation experts: "political cronies stem" seriously affected the diplomatic and security needs effective management [global network Roundup] according to Yonhap News reported on October 31st, South Korean foreign security experts said that in the North Korean nuclear crisis caused by the situation on the peninsula grim situation, by South Korea the president "cronies intervention gate" incident, the nuclear issue of Korean diplomatic and security are also affected. In this regard, South Korean experts pointed out that North Korea took the opportunity to provoke a greater possibility, diplomatic and security departments can not relax vigilance, should be thoroughly managed. Experts also suggested that the party should be carried out to deal with diplomatic security issues. Yin Demin, President of South Korea’s National Institute of foreign affairs, said the country’s foreign strategic environment is rapidly changing, in a major change. So we should unswervingly safeguard national security and national interests, go astray, will have tremendous influence. Any political party should put diplomatic and security in the interests of the state, cross party cooperation, unswervingly deal with diplomatic and security issues. Never allow North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons, is related to national interests of the Korean Peninsula, therefore, in the process of resolving the North Korean nuclear issue through international cooperation, should further play the role. South Korea’s former foreign minister Jin Xinghuan said the Ministry of transport, how fast and effective response to North Korea provocation is a distressing problem. Now is a very period, the relevant departments can not relax, Chong Wa Dae national security room and foreign security chief room and other departments should convene a meeting at any time. Chong Wa Dae should be the main check at any time. Let the people believe that even if the president has no time to take care of the situation, but also can use the system to maintain the operation of the country. South Korea’s former Chief Secretary for diplomatic security and thousands of British Yu said, do not worry too much about the diplomatic security system, due to the dry political events, external concerns about foreign security increased. Do not worry too much about sudden provocation by North Korea, Kim Jeong-eun did not want to use "provocation" to rescue the political crisis in the park. But the more so, the more should not slack. Cui Zhenxu, President of the Korea Institute for national unity, believes that when the internal shake, the alliance is particularly important, and the United States to maintain a hotline is very important. A dialogue with the opposition, to really do security. Domestic political instability, foreign policy will be a problem. The government should keep a close dialogue with the opposition. (internship compilation: Li Xiaofei reviewer: Tan Jingjing) editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: