Korean maritime police issued guidelines to allow the use of weapons after the first fire report – B ca1477

Korean maritime police issued "guidelines" to allow the use of weapons after the first fire report – Beijing, Beijing, November 8, according to South Korean media reports, South Korea maritime patrol security department said 8 days, will be issued and implemented "weapon guide", the provisions in the law enforcement process encountered police violence against the law, can immediately use all fire weapons were arrested, and allow the first fire report". Reported that the use of pistol weapon is decided by the police, using guns, guns and other weapons team is determined by the field commander. It is reported that the use of weapons from the previous conditions "for direction guard force attack to attack or to attack, security forces include maritime police, ships, aircrafts etc.. The use of weapons team conditions for "on the other side with a weapon to attack or try to attack police personnel safety is difficult to guarantee" "the use of other police officers in the implementation of the hull built, personal security is difficult to guarantee" "according to the judgment of the commander, the situation is very urgent, need to use weapons team defense or attack". Korea maritime police said, in order to ensure that the relevant laws and regulations and guidelines are fully and properly implemented, will strive for the police training, maritime shooting training and drills.相关的主题文章: