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KPMG: Chinese is fast becoming a major global financial market of science and Technology Beijing, Beijing – in September 20 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhou Rui) KPMG report released on the 20 pointed out that Chinese is fast becoming one of the major financial markets and global financial technology to science and technology innovation center. In recent years, financial technology has become the focus of risk investment institutions. KPMG China released the first day of China’s leading financial technology 50 list and report, the report describes KPMG’s understanding of the financial technology industry, the trend of financial technology applications. Wang Lipeng, head of KPMG’s China Banking Association, said that these companies are promoting the transformation of China’s financial sector, the new financial sector after the ecological reconstruction is slowly forming. Wang Lipeng stressed that the list of companies are actively engaged in innovative business, good at technology as a means to solve the problems in the field of financial services. For example: the use of consumer loans to shorten the time to approve the risk quantification model, as well as the use of big data technology more quickly and effectively identify the risk of fraud. According to reports, the selection of KPMG revolves around six dimensions: one is the leading application and breakthrough of information technology; two is technology driven data collection, mining and use; the three is a model of innovation and subversion of the traditional financial index; the four is to solve the pain points and financial efficiency; five is the valuation and capital market recognition; the six is a future development potential and broad prospects for development. Jingdong finance, PINTEC and other 50 financial technology companies finalists list. The report notes that almost all of the companies on the list to a certain extent, the use of large data and data analysis techniques, of which more than half of the big data and its application is one of its core technologies. Mobile computing, machine learning and cloud computing are also the mainstream technologies adopted by financial technology companies. For the recent rapid expansion of the consumer finance industry, KPMG China management consulting partner Zhang Junming said that the future depends on consumer finance financial technology company in customer analysis and make full use of big data capabilities. This allows the company to provide customers with a more personalized credit services, improve the level of service scenarios, as well as expanding customer base, so that the traditional model may be overlooked customers get better financial services. The relationship between financial enterprises and traditional financial institutions, KPMG China information technology consulting partner Mai Gaoshi analysis said that if the financial technology company to carry out financial operations, to meet regulatory requirements, and obtain a license or licensee to business cooperation. As a result, many financial technology companies began to establish formal partnerships with licensed financial institutions such as banks, securities companies and insurance companies. Mr Kose pointed out that these relationships can also make traditional financial services benefit, for example: can improve its customer service, optimize the credit evaluation process, or data modeling and good cooperation to enhance its ability to quantify the risk. Zhang Junming also said that in the future with the Internet related financial regulatory policy becomes clearer, financial technology companies and traditional financial institutions will carry out more cooperation. (end)相关的主题文章: