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Kunming and more open "rowing" mode users: I need to ship the drops hit Beijing Drainage Company staff reporter Zhai Jian guarding the sewer taken night after the storm, the main city of Kunming has a water flooded, early peak therefore more crowded than usual. Yesterday’s rainfall mainly concentrated in the main city of the South and West, south of downtown, close the avant-garde west of new road intersection, Guangfu Road junctions are water flooded areas, Ying Road, Gate Road and other roads appear about 40 cm deep water flooded, surrounding a plurality of cells to open a "boat" model. The police informed the Horse Street tunnel flooded 60 cm in the south north city traffic jam yesterday reporter learned from the Kunming police department, as of 9 o’clock yesterday morning, there are about 20 centimeters of water of Beijing road and Dongfeng Road West, Haiyuan road and road intersection Department of Kam non motorized vehicles have 20 centimeters of water, Horse Street tunnel there are 60 centimeters of water flooded. South main block and sections of water: Dianchi Road, Guangfu Road and Hing Road intersection, Qian Xing Lu (Wanda Plaza before), Guanzhuang primary school, Caohai tunnel, Horse Street tunnel. North District main blocking point: Longquan Road, garden overpass, Xuefu Road, 121 street, North Station tunnel. Netizens ridicule from the beginning of this morning, we are ‘Kun drift’……" "I take you, you take the boat, together to Kunming to see the sea, about?" "I went out for 40 minutes, and I needed a bit of a boat." Scene 1 Paradiso water Yandao leg yesterday, Dianchi Road, lotus county district rare flood. "Since we moved in 5 years ago, we have never had a case of flooding due to rain." Early in the morning to go out of the residential owners Ms. Bao jokingly said: "I look at this battle, I’m afraid we can go boating go to work……" This bag lady’s joke, did not expect in the Xishan District on the sea at Paradiso District staged a real. A netizen broke two pictures: a blue plastic boat floating in the water area, a pair is ready to start. At noon yesterday, between the Paradiso District Ban Ban and roads have been flooded, residents standing in the water. "Our district for the first time so deep water." Residential tenants saw a boat after the picture smiled and said: "although not as water boat trip, but the depths of up to the calf, how there are fifty or sixty cm, many people have flooded the garden." Near the sea attack lens 2 off-road vehicles flooded flameout Xigong wharf attack by sea, it is flooded out a new height. Welcome the sea on a section of 100 meters of roads flooded water depths of about seventy or eighty cm. A cross-country car and a bus in wading driving flooded flameout, all soaked in water. "I was in a hurry in the morning, and I thought it was a cross-country car. Did not expect the deeper the boiling water……" Off-road vehicle driver said. Many vehicles see this scene are secretly turned away. "Off-road vehicles can not pass, we do not do these cars." Master Li decisively chose the detour. Because the road on both sides of the sidewalk also flooded, pedestrians had to bite the bullet and Chengdu相关的主题文章: