La Nina here Meteorological Bureau responded, Chongqing will usher in the coldest winter rumors gigolos

La Nina here? The weather bureau responded that "Chongqing will usher in the cold winter" rumors in July this year, since the World Meteorological Organization announced that La Nina state, Chongqing will welcome the cold winter, this winter will be cold in Chongqing cry that constantly refresh my circle of friends. What is the truth? In September 29th, the Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Bureau for the official reply: once a hand spawned La Nina ice disaster in 2008, it will have an impact on Chongqing’s winter weather, but many factors decide the weather trend, it is too early to conclusion,. La Nina is known as El Nino La Nina is what? Climate Center Weather Bureau deputy director Li Yonghua said that El Nino and La Nina is a natural phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic ocean and India will appear, but the opposite. El Nino refers to the tropical ocean temperature anomalies and continued warming, La Nina refers to the tropical ocean temperature anomalies and continuous cooling. The cycle of El Nino is irregular, averaging once every four years. El Nino will appear second years La Nina, sometimes La Nina will last for two or three years. This is the end of El Nino, La Nina will follow. Effect of La Nina phenomenon including the American Southwest and South America in the West Bank became very dry, and Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines and other Southeast Asian regions have much precipitation anomaly, and the west coast of Africa and southeast coast of Japan and the Korean Peninsula, Northeast Asia is unusually cold. In general, Chinese, in La Nina will make Southern China’s strong northeast monsoon in autumn and winter, the winter temperature lower than normal. Chongqing low temperature high probability but could not determine the so-called "La Nina caused the coldest winter in fact is not rigorous." Li Yonghua said that La Nina will indeed lead to increased probability of the low temperature in winter, the most direct impact, is the northern cold air southward frequency increases, intensity, but there is not a 100% conclusion. For Chongqing, the impact of how much, how cold in winter, the temperature will drop to low, need to be able to make specific forecasts in the winter. Li Yonghua said, Chongqing’s winter is not only affected by the La Nina phenomenon, there are other factors. There are many factors that affect the winter temperature in Chongqing, in general, is the global atmospheric circulation, specifically, it is time to the extent of the cold air in the north." In addition, Chongqing’s geographical location factors for cold degree has also been affected, Chongqing in the Sichuan basin, northern Daba Mountains and Qinling Mountains block, Western and southern Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau surrounded, to some extent alleviate the arrival of cold air. La Nina has orchestrated 08 ice disaster in Chongqing Meteorological Center data show that in the past ten years, this is the fourth time La Nina, the first three were in 2007 August to 2008 May, 2010 June to 2011 May and 2011 August to 2012 March. In this three La Nina, the lowest temperature in Chongqing Shapingba city station to monitor were 0.8 C and 0.4 C and 2.8 C, is 2013 and 2014 with the lowest temperature monitoring station to 1.7 degrees and 2.3 degrees. Through the data we can see that the La Nina phenomenon year)相关的主题文章: