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UnCategorized Everyone enjoys hearing uplifting stories. Here are a few success stories others have shared. Be encouraged as you read through them! Kaya teaches mom, "How it’s done…" Hello, I wanted to share how fun it is to watch my children attract to them that which they desire. It’s bliss watching them be so purely aligned and it teaches me so much! I was writing on a little index card, all the reasons that I would love an recreational vehicle for our family. I had my "ask and it is given box" out, ready to drop the card in. My 3 year old came up and asked what I was doing. After I explained it to her, she said "Can I make a card?" She wanted a toy doggie. So, she drew a little picture and then I wrote, "Kaya’s toy doggie" beside it and we put it in the box. "Thanks mom" and she runs away. This is the lesson for me here. She just ran away, forgot all about it, and never doubted that her toy doggie would come. It would have been really easy for me to go out and buy her a stuffed dog, but I didn’t. Two weeks later we went to a big recreational vehicle show to surround ourselves in the feeling of how fun it will be when we receive ours. There were salesmen walking all around giving balloons and popcorn to kids. Suddenly one of them comes up to my daughter and starts making this little stuffed dog talk to her and gets her laughing and then says "here you go, you keep this doggie." The thing I found really interesting is that she attracted her toy dog related to the rec vehicle, which was what I was writing about at the time she came up and asked me if she could do one. It’s almost like her little sweet soul was saying, "Here, mommy let me help show you how it’s done!" I’ll send you a picture of us when we get our new rec vehicle! – Wendy, Ottawa Canada. Then, there’s Teresa’s "Wouldn’t it be great…!?!" manifestation: Had to share a victory: had a little happy thought yesterday morning "wouldn’t it be great if I could create in excess of $5000 today!?!" Well, after we spoke, I heard from a colleague of mine that a design job we bid on in Jan and thought was dead is back. The contract should be signed by Monday, deposit made and my total net is in excess of $5000! I should receive at least $3000 of it next week!!! I’m telling you, this "surrender to what is" thing is so powerful! Staying in the now, with visions launched, monitoring feelings to stay in joy… My son told me the other day he was really interested in the teachings of the Buddha. Such a step for my son who pooh-poohs my woo-woo talk!!! I bring that up because my mantra is becoming the Buddha’s statement, "There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path." May your day be filled with joy, love and light! – Teresa A beautiful note that Teresa also shared from her journal: "I have taken back my power…the power of the divine source of infinite everything that I *am*. Inner Peace. Once again, the portal to my power is the seemingly contradictory states of surrender and detachment. But these states of *Being* are the ultimate in *Faith*, the belief in things yet unseen." And, there’s Devika’s "Ciao, Bella" creations: First of all, when I started paying attention to all this, I was unemployed and in a deep depression. But I started doing the ‘work’ of manifesting, following one piece of advice at a time. And things started to shift – internally and externally. I wanted to go to India (I was unemployed) and I went to India; I came back from India and calls started rolling in from people seeking my services – now I am making plenty of money doing what I love (writing) where I love to do it (my home.) Then, I wanted to go to Rome, have a gallery there take my art work and offer me a show. Can you say, "Ciao, Bella"?! (The India and Rome trip were 7 months apart). These days I focus less on asking the universe for this or that and more on just being grateful for whatever comes. It’s so sweet – a feeling of gratitude that is like spring fever! I have learned that true joy has little to do with circumstances, and so much with living fully present in each moment! Thanks, Anisa. I always enjoy reading your newsletter and feeling your lovely spirit. All love, Devika Also, there’s Janice’s Healing Retreat, the well and more: I have had loads of experiences – positive and negative – with manifesting and now that I know what we think is what we create I *do* consciously work at being positive! I have been given the privilege of taking care of the original homestead where my great-grandparents started out in Saskatchewan. The house where I was born was without running water due to some mechanical problems with the well. I *Conceived* — *Believed* — and *Yes* — *Received* enough money to get that water running with a new well despite not having much of an income! A provincial grant for fixing homes came to my attention just when needed. I am continuing to work at manifesting *Big Things* like total financial freedom, living healthy, wealthy and wise and creating a soothing natural healing place at the farm described earlier where those who need it most can come for retreats and seminars. I envisioned myself delivering workshops and living the dream as owner of my own business and *Presto* sooner than I thought I was way up North in the Territories running a company of my own called Wings to Freedom Consulting and making well over six thousand a month…it was awesome!!!! I am now working on a new car…writing my legacy so my daughters and grand children will *know they can make whatever dream they have come true… and I am Living Proof!!!! Thank-you for this great opportunity to share~! Janice About the Author: Receive Anisa’s Free Conscious Creation 101: a 5-part e-course on the basics of Manifesting by visiting Read more about manifesting and conscious creation by visiting and ..ManifestingProsperity… Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: