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Business As skills go, leadership is one of the most useful and the most sought after there is. The ability to .mand people with your voice, to get people to perform to their best, and to inspire a team is something that can be highly empowering and liberating, and that at the same time will help you to improve the work of your .pany. This makes you a valuable asset to any organization and any team, and it means that you are more able to thrive in the working environments you are in. If you want to see your career propelled forward then the best thing to improve your is your leadership and management abilities. For one of the best ways to do this consider leadership development and learning programs. These are programs designed to teach you to be a better leader who is more respected and more effective. While you might think that leadership to some extent is something you are born with, there are most definitely more skills you can adopt and more ways of thinking about leadership that can greatly improve your performance. If you do leadership development and learning programs then you will find that your abilities sky rocket and by investing in yourself this way you can get the best possible returns. Here we will look at some leadership concepts that can help you. Say Why: One important thing to do when trying to motivate people to work is to tell them ‘why’. This not only gives people a reason for what they are doing, but it also gives them that crucial bit of extra information that allows them to adapt to the situation without continually .ing back to you for more guidance which is time consuming and inefficient. Give Praise: Positive feedback is very important to keep your team motivated and it’s important to make sure your staff get the praise they feel they deserve. Even if something isn’t right, you need to give praise in order to ensure that their effort is recognized, so you will learn how to ask people to try again while making it still sound like a .pliment rather than a put down. Manage Teams: Knowing how to manage a team is very important in an office. Think small elite teams of 3-8 which will minimize .munication overhead and provide the right amount of people to get some ideas bouncing around. Use Incentives: There are two forms of power in the work place .pulsion and influence. .pulsion is essentially using threats and .mands, whereas influence is more the use of incentives. It is far better for morale to use incentives and this will make an employee achieve the same thing but without the sense of frustration and upset that .es with .pulsion and that might cause them to leave the .anization at the first opportunity. Lead by Example: Good leadership means leading by example and hypocrisy is a quick way to make people turn against you. Never ask someone to do something you would not, and make sure to be seen to be doing as much work as everyone else. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: