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UnCategorized There are many kinds of reseller accounts. There are Unix-based reseller accounts, Windows-based ones, domain hosting ones… there are various classifications. One of the classifications is by the kind of program that manages all the web features available in the package. Is it a cPanel reseller hosting account? Or a Plesk reseller one, perhaps? If you’re new to web space reselling, or to the act of buying web space, you should seriously consider cashing in on cPanel reseller hosting. For one thing, cPanel licensing is proprietary and done on a per-server basis. This makes the cPanel extremely economical for resellers who need to work on multiple domains. But even if the end users – read: people who buy reseller web space – are not familiar with the Linux operating system, cPanel accounts enjoy the privilege of being fundamental and easy to learn how to use. For one thing, the cPanel interface is graphics-oriented, and this ensures that even a new webmaster who considers him or herself to be absolutely bereft of "tech savvy" will find it easy to start learning his or her way around. If you’ll log into a cPanel account, the first thing you’ll notice is how the graphical layout of the cPanel is .pletely clean and functional. It is in fact quite like using Windows Explorer on "icons" mode, and if you’re familiar enough with Windows Explorer, you are bound to find cPanel’s graphical interface to be a familiar environment. You may not be familiar with the usage just yet, but the icons will certainly be a great help to you in figuring out what to do next. cPanel is a program that integrates the different features that are available on your web account. Through cPanel you will be able to set up ftp addresses, manage email accounts and domains, and other functions related to your web space. Even as a reseller, you may need to use cPanel in order to manage the accounts that you aim to redistribute. cPanel is an extremely flexible device that can handle even large information loads. So if you’re looking for a good launchpad for your reseller business, or your webmastering career, look into the accessibility of cPanel reseller hosting accounts. Even if you’re not a "noob" in the line of webmastering or web space resale, you’d still do well to give cPanel a shot. You don’t need to be a .plete newbie to appreciate the ease of use that such a web panel program offers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: