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New Castle News (Newspaper) May 22, 1940, New Castle, Pennsylvania NEW CASTLE PA NEWS WEDNESDAY MAY Huge Crop Of Tomatoes Harvested Now In Lawrence County Being About time of year you nre probably sotting out your tomato hoping for no frost no wilt no cut and a large enough crop you can serve your guests fresh tomatoes That would be August 1 While you are getting ready to harvest vour crop from that two dozen you are setting out them is a crop of tomatoes being harvested in Lawrence crop large juicy beauties that have the appearance the taste and the general lusciousness of the you ever raised in your garden under the most favorable circumstances A Tomato Forest tomatoes are those grown in the greenhouses of W H schenk at Savannah Four houses are used in the tomato industry the largest being 1.6 acres under glass This house contains tomato plants nlJ about nine feet high supported by strings of heavy cord tied to heavy wires running across the lop like wires in a piano ing through the greenhouse Is ing through a tomato forest Time was when this same house contained plants and the yield was less than is now gotten with platts The answer is in treatment of the plants They are coddled like a growing child Bwen the proper plant food at the proper time given just the right amount of water and heat is kept on all night to avoid certain plant diseases Iron nitrate of soda manganese nitrogen potash and plenty of manure ail of them given with the same careful attention that your doctor prescribes lor you nnd the results show what scientific growing will do The tomatoes have all the elements of outdoor grown tomatoes because they are not to the extremes of the weather they arc not as watery smoother skinned and better tasted phrase we hate to admit sampling them EASE THE GRIP THAT COLD HAS ON YOU USE 2 DROPS NOSE DROPS The last but after opinion Three Other Houses Three other houses bring the total plants up to and by the end of the season there will have been taken from the four houses an age of two 8 pound baskets of toes a total of such baskets or if you like figures a total of 000 pounds of tomatoes Joseph I Weinschenk is the eral manager of the greenhouses and to his four years of agricultural training In Penn State he has added years of research in order to get the most perfect possible results Each year sees a larger yield from the plants because of further de in plant feeding The seed is planted in December of each and early in January the plants are above the ground Then it ia they get their first touch of coddling The days are dark and the daylight hours few but the de daylight is .pensated by the use of huge electric lights which make the greenhouses almost as light as day About two hours in the morning and two in the late afternoon give the plants a long day to grow In short they are getting April weather in January with no chance of frost or snow to blight them Starts Prior to the planting the ground has been sterilized of aJl harmful organisms and shortly after the are above ground they are given their first ration of chemical elements Too much of one element and not of another sometimes re Milts in the chemical elements locking They must be fed to the plants In proper proportion with manure acting as a catalytic agent in releasing their ments Proper feeding means tomatoes clown low just above the ground and the same size and color high on the stem It means hard work proper knowledge of soil and plant try and an innate genius for ing things These seem to be some of the Weinschenk characteristics By late July the plants will have given the limit of their productive capacities ard they are torn out to make way lor leaf lettuce In the meantime the outdoor gardens are booming and about 100 acres of lima beans string beans and cabbage are on their way Just now there are about 30 people working in the Weinschenk houses This force will be doubled when the beans start to .e and the cabbage is ready for harvest But this article is about tomatoes tons and tons of them hanging in great clusters on strong stalks with huge leaves acting ns the lungs of the plants Where do they All over this part of the United States Daily the trucks roll out of the greenhouses loaded with the luscious vegetable headed for Pittsburgh or lown or Cleveland bound for the tables cf those who like their toes In and out of season A trip through the large house just now Is as satisfying as a trip through a greenhouse devoted to flowers There isn’t the same iety of color and odor but just down the long rows of the giant tomato plants looking longingly at the clusters of tomatoes hanging there gives you an appetite nnd makes you regret the fact forgot to put a salt shaker in your pocket JN NKW Many Visiting Survey Office Historical Records Survey Ex Work Which Been Ac.plished NEIMAN’S 205 Washington St Headquarters for Wedding Gowns Bridesmaids Dresses Graduation Dresses Prom Dresses PUBLIX EMERGENCY KIT kOH PRODUCTS INC W W Protect Yourself from C O L D S And Build Resistance 1 Halibut Liver Oil Capsules Extra Special 100 for NEW CASTLE DRUG 24 North Mill St nnd Cor Washington and Mercer FOR AUTOS HOME OFFICES Contains bottle Roll Adhesive Absorbent Cotton and Gauze Bandage V AUTO STORES 220 Washington St WITH EACH 5 GALS OR MORE OF GAS SOLD FOR CASH Give a Numbered Lead Pencil Yours May Be Lucky Pencil BRAATZ SERVICE 412 AVE 4951 Small Wieners Ib Lard 2 Ibs 13c Neck Bones 6 ths Silver Bass 4 Ibs Our Special Coffee 3 Ibs STAR MEAT MARKET 134 East Long Ave Phone 9256 When Looking for Better Used Cars Visit the LAWRENCE AUTO SALES CO 101 South Mercer 4600 St In connection with This work pays your .munity work done by the Historical Records vey in charge of Albert Wilkins which is located on the third floor of the Court House Annex is being displayed to visitors This office has surveyed all of the records of the Court House ing data on where every record is located all business transactions of the county have been recorded and the volume of business which is done A .plete and authentic history of the county has been .piled taken from verified official records This shows when the county was created a copy of the act lature and a record of all county officials from the beginning of the county taken from the election dockets In addition a survey is made which will be a tory of in the county When this work is .pleted it will be sent to Philadelphia where it will be placed in a bound volume a copy of which will be placed in the library and another in the court house where it will be available for public information The office operates of the Pennsylvania .mission whose main of fice is in Philadelphia Copies of the first newspapers ever published in New Castle were un earthed by the survey and have been rebound and placed in the Public Library These were ered while making a research on records IN NKW May Day Held At West Pittsburg Monday afternoon traditional May Day ceremony was held afc the West Pittsburg school with Joanne Norman daughter of Mr and Mrs William Norman being crowned queen The following eighth grade girls were attendants to the Irene Vargo Rose ter Clara Cowher Alba Trocchi Grace Carino Gloria Marso Panella Virginia Papa Mary velin Mary Agnes Zappia Rose LaTona Marie Stickle gette Isabella and Bambina Carangi Children of the first and second grades presented a flower and maker’s dance and Mary Jane Drake gave a tap dance Boys of the third and fourth grades gave the March of the Wooden Soldiers and the girls gave colorful balloon dance The ceremony was concluded with he ever popular winding of the may pole IN NEW Board Of Trade For Enon Valley and 9 Buy Your Dodge Dealer Has The Year’s Big Value Package and Great 1940 Luxury Sedan delivered in SALES ARE DETROIT Automotive Center IN to i dependabiHtyi It’s the Best Dodge Ever Built and the Biggest Car for the economy of Dodge value and N And Dodge Sales Are Zooming Right Across So Your Dodge Deafer Needs Good Used Cars BIG ALLOWANCES i arc in on the new Dodge Luxury Liner You plenty by trading now Drive in for an appraisal today or tomorrow They need good FORDS BUICKS CHEVROLETS PONTIACS DODGES PLYMOUTHS O wonder humming at Dodge For right now buyers are being offered the biggest ing opportunity in years and In addition to getting the finest car Dodge ever built and the gest car for the money motorists are receiving allowances on their old cars that are a And don’t you select the 1940 Dodge you get aJI the style roominess and luxury features of cars costing hundreds of dollars more New beauty wider more .fortable seats gorgeous u magnificent appointments and All this plus Dodge dependability and worldfamous savings on gas oil and Do you know what your present car is worth toward this big 1940 For a real surprise drop in at your Dodge today or tomorrow Very likely your car may make the full down payment balance on easy terms But don’t wait now is the time to trade in order to save money FOR A SWELL TRADEIN ALLOWANCE SEE YOUR DODGE DEALER 755 nrr delivered prices and include nil Federal merit nnd local taxes if tm Srr your dealer for easy terms secretary A SUPER MARKET Cor of 2 large 2 medium Art boxes ISO box 13c Concentrated large Soap bar Octagon Soup bar Octagon Granulated largo box plus 2 Octagon let Soup all for LOOK This Week of Roof Coating Pure asphalt No coal tar only I can Genuine AC Spark Plugs only each Penn Auto Stores On the Diamond At a meeting held in the council oom at Enon Valley on Monday a Board of Trade was John H McNees presided The were Dr Charles Kissinger ent John H McNees ent H E Strohecker Rhodes treasurer for the organization were resented and approved There is a prospect of securing 25 to 30 members from among ho merchants nnd professional en The next meeting will be at the 11 of the president IN NKW The News By Mall One Year 468 East Washington St Phone 3572 New Castle Pa City Pa DUIGNAN SCHEIBEN Enon Valley Pa MINNER LAMB New Wilmington Pa i EDENBURG OPEN HOUSE DEMONSTRATION An invitation is extended to all persons interested to visit the Open House Program at Hillsville WPA rooms The articles made by the ladies are all ready for inspection and Mrs Galina will personally an swer all questions This tion is continuing the entire week .MITTEES The following .mittees were appointed for Memorial Day Maj 30 at 10 a m Program .mittee Chairman Prank Roy Raub Mrs Roberts Mrs Biddle Mrs Jonn Mrs Coats Financial Side Dorothy and Thelma Height South Side Mrs Olive Book and Florence Nicholls Decorating Mrs Roy Raub Mrs List Mrs Un angst Mrs Pilby Mrs Bonnet Mrs Nicholls Randal Park Harry cler Wilson Raub Richard Biddle George Nicholls John Pilby Joe Wigton Over 75 Other Styles NOTES Wilson Raub Tom Eurl Reynolds and Richard Biddle at tended the ball game at Cleveland last week Mr nnd Mrs of West Middlesex and Mr and Mrs Kenneth Kimmell of Poland visited at the home ol Mr and Mrs C R Bennett Mrs Claude Bonnett and Dorothy were callers at tho home of Mr and Mrs Glenn of Youngstown j Mr and Mrs Biddle nnd son Harry Raymond wore Sunday callers at the home of Mr and Mrs Charles Mack of Now Castle IN .MITTEE TO MEET The schedule .mittee of the New Castle Church league will have a meeting at the Y next Monday night at 8 o’clock All managers are asked to turn in their player contracts At the Y at once IN THESE CHINESE The Chinese have hatched eggs by artificial heat for more than years Injured Man Has Left Leg Julian Kaczmarczyk Loses Leg As Result Of Auto Injuries Received Tuesday Julian Kaczmarczyk aged 20 oi 1015 North Cedar who a crushed left leg below the knee when he is said lo nave been struck by a city street department truck by Charles Nolan un derwent an operation lor the re moval of the injured member just below the knee Tuesday afternoon was injured Dr Locke Foot Savers Rhythm Step FOR WOMEN and Portage SHOES FOR MEN DAVIS SHOE CO JUST A STEP AHEAD o’clock Tuesday morning when he was struck by he street ment truck on West Grant street IN NKW The News By Mall One Year When the state of Massachusetts recently .pleted 500 miles of walks along main arteries of travel pedestrian nua lilies dropped 31 per cent in six months YOUR HOME NO INCONVENIENCE j Latest method of installation by expert craftsmen Specializing in all widths of carpets Sewing and ing service in a reasonable price See our display of the latest nnd patterns in Belter Grade j Carpets GENERAL FLOOR COVERING .PANY i SOUTH MILL 2006 Smart New Gliders 13 95 nnd xip See our lino of beautiful They’re priced right Terms gladly arranged PEOPLES FURNITURE .PANY 1C AST WASHINGTON canada goose chilliwack magasin A silky blue .anza with rhinestones lends a magnificent touch. Was 15 and working in a boutique selling bridal gowns and prom dresses when she decided she wanted to eventually open up a store of her own, geared toward teenagers and 20somethings.. canada goose pas cher homme para jumper online n.e canada goose pas cher homme doudoune canada goose pas cher The great thing is that everyone can use them fashionably; it’s just around finding the model that suits you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: