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Millet 5S with Qualcomm core? MediaTek Helio X30 relieved – Sohu technology [Technews science news] September 27th, millet 2016 will be held a new conference in the fall, when the millet 5S will be unveiled. Millet mobile phone by micro-blog released four countdown posters, many people have begun to look forward to this phone will be in the performance, photography, technology and fingerprint of the four aspects of what black technology show. Performance, millet poster propaganda implied, 5S processor running points to reach 164119 points. According to the industry broke the news, millet 5S selection is the latest Qualcomm Xiaolong 821 flagship chip. With the conference approaching, millet 5S and high heat has continued to rise, arguably, this should allow Qualcomm competitors MediaTek embarrassment. However, considering the millet has a history of "the pit" over MediaTek, Qualcomm and millet cooperation, is also put a disguised mediatek. Everything has to be Helio from MediaTek (Xi Li) brand to start, in order to get rid of the low-end chip image, MediaTek established high-end chip brand Xi, Xi force at the time of the first generation chip Helio X10 launch, HTC had to face to be equipped with more than 4000 yuan of the mobile phone body. Then, with music as Meizu applied in the two thousand yuan price models, although the style began to change, but everything is still controllable. Until the red rice 799 yuan Note appeared, and announced the use of Helio X10 chip, MediaTek was suddenly hit back to prototype. Millet cost-effective strategy, MediaTek high-end chip difficult to come up. Therefore, the author believes that in the current stage, and millet to maintain an appropriate distance, the transition of the division of hair favorable. Recently, MediaTek officially released the second generation of ten core processor Helio X30. It is reported that, compared with the previous generation of chips, Helio X30 performance is increased by 43%, the power consumption is reduced by 53%, reaching 160 thousand runs — and Qualcomm Xiaolong 821 run approximation. MediaTek said, Helio X30 is expected in the first quarter of next year mass production. Get rid of millet bondage MediaTek can harvest what kind of market, which is worth the industry look forward to. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews science news (read: first figure source: micro-blog mobile phone millet)相关的主题文章: