Mobile app new brand bitemojo, companyon and prava- Sohu travel

The new APP Mobile Brand: mobile application brand Bitemojo, Companyon and Prava- Sohu this paper summarizes tourism tourism new, their business scope covers from giving travel advice to the details of the voyage of virtual planning a series of services. Bitemojo what does it do? The app offers a gourmet tour of the surrounding area. Bitemojo is headquartered in Israel, and recently, the company launched five tourism projects in Berlin. At present, in addition to riding a bike and bus ride, there are walking tour form. In the course of the itinerary, the passengers will pass through the distinctive restaurants in different communities, and in some of the restaurants. The location of these meals is selected by the Bitemojo team, and the work team and the restaurant owner will jointly decide what food and drink to provide for the guests. Currently, the company is trying to extend this service to other cities. Now solve the problem? Bitemojo founder Michael Weiss said: "from the user’s point of view, Bitemojo can help people become a winner — the so-called travel destination in the maximum enjoyment of the journey. One of the most important parts of a successful traveler is to have fun and meaningful personal activities on the trip. A successful traveler will not spend a lot of time on his journey to find what he wants to do, and will not fall into the trap of consumption. This is because it has chosen us, we have been in the destination for him carefully selected the best place to eat and play." From a broader perspective, on how to get to the destination, where to stay after the arrival of the choice of many tourism market, but there are few Brand Company around the world to provide to the passengers for play of the project information. So if you go to Tokyo today and tomorrow, you can take Bitemojo, it will bring you a high-end travel in Berlin. Who is the founder of Yael Weiss Gadish and Michael Weiss this couple partner is the co-founder of Bitemojo. Over the years, these two people in the Israeli public market operating gourmet restaurant the shuk". Their goal is to get people together by sharing the experience of eating and helping them understand a city through food. What is Companyon Companyon, which was launched this summer, is designed to help travelers connect to the Companyon network, thereby improving efficiency. The features of the application include other people who can look for the same travel route by browsing the list, and can communicate with others through the dialog function within the app. It can also help passengers check-in. Now solve the problem? Companyon founder Parth Shrivastava said: "we must solve the problem is how to break the ice between travelers, in order to make full use of the hidden human Z相关的主题文章: