More than 20 thousand pounds of meat problem flow to the table in Panzhihua, the trial of 8 defendan ajviewer

More than 20 thousand pounds of "meat" to Panzhihua Table 8 defendants on trial – Beijing, Sichuan online news (Xu Yang reporter Wang Daiqiang) to seek high profits, the defendant Hemou in Panzhihua and the surrounding long-term acquisition of horse, mule meat, flesh of a donkey as beef sales, together with others, and the problem of meat processing, formed a complete sales chain step by step, the problem of "meat" to the consumer’s table. Recently, the city of Panzhihua Yanbian County People’s court the suspicion of the production and sale of "meat" cases, as many as 8 people involved, including the "meat" of the sale, processing, retailers etc.. Long-term sale of "meat", formed a sales chain of interests Hemou in Yanbian Hongge town for many years "beef business", for a long time, he was in Panzhihua and surrounding areas, acquisition of horse, mule meat as beef flesh of a donkey, foreign sales. In January last year to March this year, in addition to sporadic Hemou buy beef horse, mule meat, flesh of a donkey sales, also from Mianning County of Liangshan, Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan moujia B two brothers (Xichang City Public Security Bureau has been handled separately), Huidong County, Liangshan, Chen, buy without quarantine inspection, beef horse, mule meat, flesh of a donkey. Then the meat after decomposition, Hemou to act as the beef sales to Chengdu Wu (Xichang Municipal Public Security Bureau has dealt with), Huili County of Liangshan Prefecture Xu, Fumou, Zhou, Han, Lee, and Panzhihua East a meat processing plant will wumou, "meat" after processing of foreign sales…… Ultimately, these "problem meat" step by step was sent to the consumer’s table, Hemou acquisition, sale of meat has been basically formed the interests of the chain. Sales of more than twenty thousand pounds, the eight defendants will be punished for the prosecution of Yanbian County People’s Procuratorate found that during the period from January 2015 to March 2016, Hemou from Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan, a number of Chen B buy animal meat more than 18000 pounds, amounting to more than 180000 yuan; where a sale to Xu, Fumou, Zhou, Han, Lee, Wu, Wu, a number of animal meat reached 20154 pounds, amounting to 295628 yuan. In June this year, law enforcement officers seized large number of unknown sources of meat in Hemou home. Xichang city animal health authority identified, these frozen as dead animal products, and these products are used as Hemou, posing as foreign sales of beef. The prosecution believes that the defendant should act as a defendant should be 8 production, sales do not meet the safety standards of food crimes criminal responsibility, the facts of the crime is clear, the evidence is indeed sufficient. Currently, the case is still in the process of further trial. [read] teach you four strokes to identify how to distinguish between genuine and fake beef beef? Don’t put the following "basic learning method": Hope: really beef texture fine, uniform color appears red, fleshy, glossy, and muscle fiber and fiber is white. Fake beef coarse texture, color is not uniform, the muscle fibers darkened. Smell: smell of fresh beef meat is normal, no other pungent smell. It smells bad, it’s not new.相关的主题文章: