Nanjing land network hit the first day of hot experts grab the forced regulation of overheating pork face

Nanjing land network hit the first day of hot experts: to grab an unprecedented regulation of overheating after the land auction, Nanjing will enter Yaohao buy land, Xianfang sales era! Yesterday was the first day of the listing of the 27 land market, the first 5 land debut, but also opened the prelude to the implementation of the Nanjing land auction. The only piece of residential land in Jiangning Affirmative new city G44 block suffered looting developers, hit the highest price, will determine the ownership in this Friday Yaohao, G44 will also implement Xianfang sales rule, Nanjing became the first clear Xianfang sales project. In addition, in August 70 large and medium cities housing prices show that Nanjing prices rose by 4.1%, has been up for about 18 months. Modern Express reporter Ma Lele ZAKER Nanjing racquet first show no live auction but still hot stimulus from Nanjing land auction system has been adopted in the form of auction site. However, after the implementation of the new deal price limit, suffered large-scale fuse shot, chaotic scene led to the soil can not continue to shoot, so from the beginning of the auction in September 19th to implement online auction. Land department regulations, G40 – G44 these 5 plots, from 9:30 yesterday morning, every 10 minutes to start a network of land. In this way, G40 plots will become Nanjing’s first implementation of online auction land. Qinhuai Hongqi G40 wireless power plant plots nature commercial mixed land use, the starting price of 400 million yuan. And the site is different from the auction, Nanjing’s online auction can only see each round of developers offer, and developers are using digital numbers instead, only the final transaction of the developer name will be displayed. In addition to the land sector, others can no longer see the number and the name of the war developers, but there is no sense of the scene of the scene, the crowd of the degree of stimulation decreased. After 17 rounds of competition, G40 quickly to 560 million yuan turnover, the bidder is Liu Wuren Thai asset management limited. According to the information provided by the Department of land, the developers behind the actual bidder called Shanghai first built real estate company limited. The next auction is unusually hot, into focus. G44 block of Nanjing’s first Yaohao + Xianfang sales plots after 9:30 every 10 minutes there is a piece of land on the shooting, but until 10:10, the last stage of block G44 shooting, in front of the G41, G42 and G43 are not the end of the auction. As the focus of the developers in the G44 competition in the hand speed too fast, resulting in the land is actually the second end. Data show that G44 is located in Jiangning District Affirmative Road subway station of southeast area up to more than 100 thousand square meters, comprehensive volume rate of 2.39, a large area of residential land is rare. The plots of the starting price of 1 billion 340 million yuan, at the starting floor price of 7523 yuan per square meter. After the auction began, developers will enter the mad mouse mode. 10:21, the auction to the 150 round, the developer quoted price of 2 billion 830 million yuan, the auction suddenly suspended. It turned out that the land department regulations, when the price reached 90% of the highest price相关的主题文章: