National supervision system reform

The national supervision system reform open when the general office of the CPC Central Committee issued "on the day before in Beijing City, Shanxi Province, Zhejiang province to carry out the national supervision system reform pilot program" deployment, set up monitoring committees at all levels in three provinces, from the institutional mechanism and system construction pilot, exploration and practice, to accumulate experience in the country. This reform has been in the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee communique. In a communique pointed out that "the party committees at all levels should support and ensure the National People’s Congress and the government, the supervision organs, judicial organs to supervise state organs and public officials in accordance with the law, in accordance with the articles of association of the CPPCC democratic supervision, auditing organs shall carry out audit supervision". It is not difficult to see that the supervisory organs have been placed between the government and the judiciary. This information is no doubt that the supervisory organs from the previous position of the government’s subordinate functions, rose to the level of independence of the government and the court, procuratorate level. As mentioned in the "plan", the state supervision system reform is a major political reform of the overall situation, is the top-level design of the state supervision system. Related to anti-corruption victory, of course This is a big problem., carefully and steadily push forward. Summing up the experience through the pilot, and then decided to fully promote, in line with the path of gradual reform. As for this major reform is likely to be followed for a long time "government bicameral" to the "government hospitals", related to the Constitution and the law will be modified in the pilot achieved a certain experience after put on the agenda. Many of the major reforms was the "shock" and "burst", but in fact, with the discipline inspection and prosecution department, in the theoretical circles has been debated for years. This is the discipline inspection and supervision departments to ensure the system and the formation of the party and government organs and their staff in a law-abiding, incorruptible government supervision organization. The procuratorial organ is confirmed by the constitution of our country national legal supervision organs, the exercise of the investigation and supervision, prosecution, against corruption, malfeasance and other functions. Although these two organs have their own authority, not each other, but in the actual operation of the process of cross and overlap. The integration of resources and corruption, straighten out the procedures for the seamless connection of disciplinary punishment, administrative punishment and criminal justice, has become just need. After many years of controversy, the integration of a variety of inherent programs, but only to carry out the implementation of the integration of this road. Used to see the past but the smell of the stairs, but no one down, there are a substantial move to the three pilot, called "shock" in expectation. The goal of the program is to deepen the reform of the state supervision system: the establishment of a national anti-corruption agency under the unified leadership of the party. To achieve this goal, the specification of the organization’s security is high enough. Not only the central supervision system was established to deepen reform pilot work leading group, guidance, coordination and service of pilot work, the "program" also requires party organization pilot areas to assume the main responsibility of the pilot work responsibility, by the province (city) committee secretary (rather than as secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission) directly as deepening supervision reform pilot working group leader. From the three pilot areas of the arrangement, is also well intentioned. Geographically, Zhejiang is the representative of the developed areas in the southeast coast, Shanxi is a sample of the central region, Beijing is a metropolis. In particular, in the past, Beijing rarely bear similar major reform tasks, which.相关的主题文章: