New Apple products to burst! IPad air 3 data have been disclosed-happynewyear

New Apple products to burst! IPad Air 3 data has revealed that the heat of iPad Pro has not yet passed, and now iPad Air 3 news is coming again! The latest research report, KGI securities analyst Guo Mingchi forecast, the Apple Corp will be in the first half of 2016 released iPad Air 3, but it was not possible to integrate 3D Touch technology. As for the current situation, the apple supply chain also encountered production problems, equipment quality rate is too low. 3D Touch is a kind of press detection technology. As the main function of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, 3D Touch and Pop Peek can realize the operation, convenient access and preview menu application, activate the device and to realize the multi task function. According to the pressure degree of finish more coarse or fine lines of operation in the memorandum, the experience is very real. Although 3D Touch technology does not appear on iPad Air 3, it has been confirmed that iPhone 7 will use this technology. According to industry insiders, the 3D Touch technology used by iPhone 7 will be almost the same as iPhone 6S’s 3D Touch function. The above report confirms that iPhone 7 will be released on 2016, and the specific time is still customary in September. On the current situation, apple next year to prepare three iPhone, as well as the iPad series to update, if you do not abandon the mini series, it is three, and there is no adjustment of the news release time, look 2016 must be the year of the outbreak of the new apple. Are you ready?

苹果新品要爆发!iPad Air 3资料已透露   iPad Pro的热度还没有过,现在iPad Air 3消息又来了!凯基证券分析师郭明池的最新研究报告预测,苹果公司将于2016年上半年发布iPad Air 3,但是不太可能集成3D Touch 技术。就目前情况来看,苹果供应链也遇到了生产问题,设备良品率过低。   3D Touch是一种按压检测技术。作为iPhone 6s和iPhone 6s Plus的主打功能,3D Touch可实现Peek和Pop操作,便捷访问菜单及预览应用,激活设备多任务功能,甚至在备忘录中实现根据按压力度完成更粗或更细的线条操作,体验十 分真实。   3D Touch技术虽然不会出现在iPad Air 3上,但已确认iPhone 7会使用该项技术。据业内人士称,iPhone 7使用的3D Touch技术将与iPhone 6s的3D Touch功能相差无几。上述报告确认,iPhone 7 将会在2016 年发布,具体时间仍是惯例的9月。   就当前的情况看,明年苹果要准备三款iPhone,同时还有iPad系列要更新,如果不舍弃mini系列的话,那么也是三款,而目前还没有调整发布时间的消息,看起来2016年必然是苹果新品爆发的一年。你准备好了吗?相关的主题文章: