Ningbo, a guy with a wonderful magic ar successfully passed CCTV Spring Festival Gala

Ningbo, a guy with a wonderful magic AR successfully passed CCTV Spring Festival Gala Dong Liang with the team’s latest research and development of technology will bring the magic AR CCTV stage. Live performances last night in CCTV – 3 prime time "I want on the show" program, Ningbo guy Dong Liang with one hand AR magic "reach the acme of perfection Haiyangzhixin" won the Qing Dong and other judges alike, successful promotion "through its", only one step away from the gala stage. It is understood that he became the city’s promotion, "Spring Festival evening show," the first person. A small European theater performances, a mechanical helmet, which is Dong Liang brought to me on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala props. Dong Liang told reporters that he developed the helmet design, will own the world magic show in front of the audience, with the combination of AR technology and magic cards, giving new life to the cards represent the characters vivid vividly on the card, truly achieve the naked eye 3D effect. The reporter understands, Dong Liang took the stage of CCTV "story of magic", provides a new perspective for the audience the magician, all the details of lucidity, is the test of the skills and abilities of the magician. Dong Liang graduated from the Ningbo University, while studying in Canada, is a double bachelor degree in marketing and logistics of the University of Manitoba mentor, however, seem and major is not related to magic, but eventually became the boy’s favorite". During his studies in Canada, Dong Liang and many local magician in-depth exchanges, became the first Chinese performer, into the Winnipeg art museum show Canada Magic Museum invited guest performers, was also in the Canadian Royal Opera House for visiting the queen of England show. In 2008, he won the gold medal in the Magic Festival in Winnipeg, and in Canada to do a personal magic special, attracted nearly a thousand spectators. After returning to China, in some older encouragement, Dong Liang became an occupation magician, at the beginning of 2011, he entered the CCTV "spring magic fashion show", won the gold medal win, fashion magician title. The magic of the cause of love, so that Dong Liang will be their own career, he set up a business park in his own college students belong to the Performing Arts company. 2012, with their own efforts in the entrepreneurial road, Dong Liang became the 2012 year of the city’s top ten college students rookie. Over the past few years, after continuous research and promotion of magic, Dong Liang finally stood on the stage of CCTV, showing their strength.相关的主题文章: