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Not the baby does not sleep, but you will not coax! Sohu – baby baby to sleep, and also break the night milk for the novice parents crazy. As a novice parents, you have not encountered such a situation — strenuous journey, finally small fathers beat sleep, bent down on the bed, he! Again! Wake up! By! Continue to pick up, over and over again, then wake up, and then, and then wake up…… %# $@*& more than twelve points or so — late at night, the baby has the spirit of excitement, dancing, babbling anxious to talk to you for a night, next to the parents with sleep, what time do you think small fathers only trapped? Or so — the day the baby to sleep, but the baby is not sleeping, must make sleep be wawadaku, anxious you around it, say the regular routine? Good day 12-14 hours sleep? Very lucky, all the above, I have encountered. So, I used to collapse, one can imagine. In order to let the baby have a regular lifestyle, I consult a doctor, ask the teacher development, and veteran mother discussion, reading, Internet search, do not stop trying to find additional posts…… Finally, in my tireless efforts, our home half a year old baby, developed around 9 in the evening to sleep, get up at around 7 in the morning, in the afternoon and then sleep for about another 2 hours of sleep. How did I do that? Look at my summary, maybe you will be inspired: 1, planning time for milk, is planning to let the baby sleep time only at the right time to sleep, but ignore the relationship between the baby eating and sleeping? No wonder you find it hard to get a baby. Some foreign experts in the study of a large number of baby rest, draw the following conclusions: in the yard of the babies, need a lot of sleep, most eat milk is not more than 1 hours to sleep on the baby; for 2-3 months infants, 1-1.5 hours after the infants must sleep, otherwise it would be difficult; for 4-6 months, babies can play 1.5-2.5 hours after feeding, then let the baby quiet sleep, otherwise it will make sense. Thus, coax sleep and eat, for small babies, is closely related to. So, every time is equal to the planning, planning to sleep time. If there is no regular eating, then the baby’s sleep will not have any rules. So, how to give the baby feeding time planning? Few month old baby to on-demand feeding, so-called on-demand feeding, the baby should eat a lot of meal for her to eat how much, 2 months ago, can let the baby "will eat" (the doctor said to be 3 months before the on-demand feeding, but my experience tells me that third months is not planning eat milk, will be hard to tune, so, at this time) natural baby is "willful and sleep". From the full 2 month baby 3 months, you can try to give the baby feeding time planning. Such as the March day old baby milk 6-8 recommended meal, we can according to their babies, arrange how often fed a milk. If you give your baby about 3 small plans相关的主题文章: