Office Furniture Creating Your Perfect Home

Home-Based-Business Whether your workplace is an open plan office, a private room, a spacious home office or a tiny nook, tweaking it at the beginning of 2012 may help you face the year with a new outlook and result in increased productivity, greater organisation and a more inspired and enjoyable workspace. START WITH THE BASICS There are three basics for every workspace; the desk, the chair and the lighting. Look to get the most suitable for the job, and the best you can afford, these three things will not only impact your work, but your .fort and your health. The Desk A clear desk equals a clear head. If space allows, select a lovely large desk and have storage adjacent to the desk; a large clear space will ensure you feel organised and remain focused each time you sit down to work. Place your desk by the window if possible for ample natural sunlight, if you find you have a tendency to daydream whilst staring out the window then turn your desk around. This way you still benefit from the light, and can spin around and have a gaze when you have some free time. Bring some inspiration and life to your work space with one or two carefully selected pieces that you love perhaps a photo and a quirky pen holder. The Chair If you are spending numerous hours in this chair it is worth spending money on something that supports good ergonomic posture – it will decrease aches and pains, and being .fortable allows you to get good chunks of work done without distracted. Look for designs with a swivel base, arm rests, a recliner and a height adjustable mechanism for ultimate customisation. A design that co-ordinates with the sleek desk will ensure unity in the space, so look for something in a matching or .plementary colour and a material that appeals to you; leather is a luxurious choice and is a lovely material for daily use. The Lighting Natural light is important in a workspace. If you have an abundance of light, you will need to control it via window treatments and if you have limited natural light then make sure you make the most of it by placing your desk nearby. You will need additional task lighting, for the evenings or specific activities. Look for lights that you can move and control, an adjustable arm; spinning lamp and a nice bright light are key things to look for. STORAGE, STORAGE, STORAGE You do not necessarily need a lot of it, you just need the right type, and the choice is not necessarily restricted to ugly filing cabinets. First consider what you need to store, and then consider the systems you use currently or would like to put in place. Do you keep everything in its place and need easy access to it? In that case your storage will need to be within easy reach of your desk, or do you tend to pile things up then sort through them and file once the job is done? If you are more this style you could get away with a storage unit on the other side of the room, but a couple of drawers by the desk could be useful to stash current work, to help keep your desk clear and tidy. A bookcase that integrates concealed storage behind doors, drawers and open shelving will tick all the boxes for most offices, concealed storage for the more mundane filing, drawers for stationery and open shelving for displaying books or magazines, or anything that inspires you. For by the desk, the Jett storage drawers are handy for stationery and bits and pieces that you need quick access to. It tucks neatly inside the desks if space is tight, or can be placed next to the desk (it is a handy height for a printer too). No room for a bookcase? Use floating shelves to create a small set of shelves in an unused wall nook, select attractive magazine files to store your papers, and display one or two personal items for character. IF YOU HAVE THE LUXURY OF SPACE An armchair or reading chair is a wonderful luxury. Being able to sit in .fort whilst you read reports or even just a magazine, will refresh you and inspire you to continue working. A great option for those who are easily distracted; it allows you to move elsewhere for a change of scenery and refocus. A great idea for those who work at home also, if you have a tendency to move to the sofa when you want a .fy break, an armchair will provide a great place for some reading or thinking time without being tempted by the distractions of the TV. INSPIRED SPACES If you work from home, you have the luxury of being able to decorate your work space with whatever inspires you, whether it is a colourful print, photographs, a pile of books or pictures stuck on a pin board above the desk, or plants &f lowers. For a home office, striking the balance between homely and professional is often the key to staying .anised and motivated. For those in corporate style offices, there is less opportunity to personalise the space, look for some funky desk accessories though that keep your workspace .anised and inject some fun! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: