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Once also laborious   home central air conditioning installation notes – home appliances — people.com.cn original title: once also laborious home central air conditioning installation notes while home central air conditioning installation professional, looks as the user we seem to worry about. But in order to better use the household central air conditioning, some of the necessary installation is only we still need to understand. Let’s take a look at these little knowledge, you know a few. About the life of household central air conditioning in general, most of the current household central air conditioning life in 15 years or so, we can rest assured that the use of the past 15 years. After the use of life, regardless of air-conditioning compressor, condensing pipe or a variety of accessories will be aging, at this time need to be replaced in a timely manner, and can not continue to use in order to save money, to prevent harm. With regard to the functions of household central air conditioning, many people confuse household central air conditioning with fresh air system. Here we would like to remind you that the general household central air conditioning does not have both fresh air system, so if you want to achieve this part of the function, or to install a fresh air before it is good. The noise problem of household central air-conditioning outside the machine in general, outdoor unit of household central air-conditioning noise generated in the range of acceptable to us, but to enjoy a quiet space, will be recommended to install air-conditioners in a distance space to rest far places, such as the place like the balcony. About household central air conditioning installation time split with an ordinary household air conditioner is different, household central air-conditioning installation and decoration of the room at the same time, the host usually by way of doing hidden ceiling lamp. So if you decide to install central air conditioning in the home, you should prepare in advance. (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: