One day tour group a male tourists to pay half fare by the Beijing – man brawl jslottery

"One day tour group a male tourists to pay half fare is strong – Beijing JINGWAH group times news (reporter Wang Yue)" agreed to 75 yuan per person fare, to the attractions but let each to pay 160 yuan fee tour." During the Mid Autumn Festival, the field to Beijing to play Ms. Kim, a family of four and more than 10 tourists get ripped off. A male tourists who refused to pay, but also suffered several Zhuanghan abuse. Ms. Kim said, the morning of September 17th at about 11, four of them in the vicinity of the Imperial Palace shenwumen was introduced, at a charge 75 yuan per person, go to the Badaling Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs scenic tour group. Ms. Kim said, after more than an hour, the car arrived at the the Great Wall juyongguan. Just stop the car, there are three men in the car, a woman surnamed tour guide told the tourists, before the fare is 75 yuan per person, now must pay 160 yuan fee tour, a male tourists because of refused to pay by three men beaten. Reporters from Ms. Kim provided the video to see the car, three men and a male tourists altercation, after three of their abuse, then a female tour guide to Ms. Kim a shout: "the four of you do not quite understand, give me the money." Ms. Kim said, when a total of nearly 20 tourists crane, female ones, because of fear of injury, most of the tourists have to pay the money, "I was holding fast money not to let go, they called me read silly, let me pay 400 yuan." After getting off, because of fear of playing will encounter mandatory charges, Ms. Wang in the process of climbing the Great Wall left. Ms. Kim provided individual tour "Beijing agreement", the company has to pay 300 yuan, the agreement on the cover of Beijing city Tengda Mingdu Travel Agency Limited Company West outlets contract chapter. About 5:30 yesterday afternoon, the reporter by telephone to visitors to the city of Beijing, Tengda Mingdu Travel Agency Limited Company West outlets consultation, a staff member told reporters, to the attractions of the Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs scenic area for a tour, including fares, tickets, tour guides and meal meals, in addition to individual voluntary consumption of 150 yuan per person. On the morning of 6 points to 11 points during the travel vehicle to shenwumen near access. That reporter, the staff said, Ms. Jin day bus license plate number is not the travel agency for all vehicles, and the travel agencies do not have the surname Chen female guide, September 17th travel the last bus in the morning 10 points out, there is no direct the Great Wall, near the door of the people of God wu.相关的主题文章: