Zhou Hongyi This Internet Conference propaganda Lei Jun and then sleep, sleep on your shoulder-ghost observer

Zhou Hongyi: This Internet Conference propaganda Lei Jun and then sleep, sleep on your shoulder Sina Technology Helen Wang Xiaolu this year’s World Internet Conference began, Chinese Internet bigwigs gathered again. In addition to serious and serious lectures, the conference also has these humorous little things. Just arrived in Wuzhen, the most correct posture is what? Ma bought a piece of cake will win, Ding Lei to find the toilet, according to media reports, Ma appeared in Wuzhen alley. He asked his entourage to buy some wins the cake, then got into the B & B 18 Jincheng bank private dinner. Around 9:30 at night, the moonlight is beautiful, Ding Lei arrived in Wuzhen. Still a sweatshirt, jeans, with a signature smile. Then he was a large number of reporters surrounded by a security guard "hired" Ding Lei successful encirclement, toward the toilet. "Bring your own pork this year?" "Ding boss, did you have dinner? About people?" Reporters have asked. Ding Lei only smiled but did not reply, sitting in the car ferry in a hurry to leave. What do you wear at the convention? Ma Yunliang black jacket Qiangjing, red leader Mao handsome. It is said that Zhang Zhaoyang’s unusually unique clothes, dancing above there is a hole in her…… Why are you always next to me? Last year, because of a photo and the popularity of Lei Zhou CP, this year and sat together. From last year I watched you sleeping quietly this year we smile tenderness, the picture is very harmonious. Zhou Hongyi said this, and Lei Jun sit together is arranged by the organizers, "just met Lei told me that this can not sleep. I just said it’s time to sleep on your shoulder." According to the outflow of photos in the morning, the two people talk about Huan huan. Users have a message, said: "this CP I stand!" This song lyrics of sina technology, please consciously with "to accompany you to see the meteor shower" the rhythm of singing. Internet Conference last year sleep I moved behind you watching you sleep and not far away from the red I accompany you to sit next to the weight of the dream all give me your hand with me and how you have the Red Sea mobile phone never lost direction in the Internet Conference in Wuzhen to meet you in my sleep I believe you should shoulder eyes only stay in your face and you will see happiness相关的主题文章:

Durant left to add new tattoo without restraint! He can do himself (video)-木村kaela

Durant left to add new tattoo without restraint! He will do his [collection] 96-66 Durant 30 points, three consecutive Serbia Tencent sports news September 4th July this year, the warriors star Kevin Durant left leg on a tattoo, he tattooed with the late rap star Parker – Shakur’s head. Recently, Adu in the left thigh with a tattoo pattern, is another late musician Rick James’s Avatar, Durant look at the change over, usher in a new self. Durant left to add new tattoo in July this year following the American men’s basketball team preparing for the Rio Olympics, Durant in the left calf Tattoo – Parker Shakur’s head, is a tribute to the idols, on the other hand is to encourage myself to like Tupac do yourself, not afraid of controversy. Now Durant has helped the U.S. men’s basketball team won the Olympic champion, will start to the new season, so he was in the left thigh of a tattoo of a tattoo, and the pattern is still a master of music — Rick James. Rick James is the last century in 70s and 80s the prestigious "funk master", but had drug abuse and violence was put in prison, was released in 1996, Rick James had up to two years of prison life. In 1997, Rick returned to the music scene, but in 1998 show sudden stroke, fainted on the stage. In August 6, 2004, Rick died in his sleep at the age of 56. Rick – James’s music career although won numerous praise, but it is not plain sailing, even if life imprisonment, but also did not give up the dream of music, even because of illness on the stage, it will not retreat. This love of the cause of the spirit is really moving, Durant may also learn from the energy, will be in the thigh position on the Rick’s portrait. Durant this summer, leaving the thunder to the warriors, this decision has been criticized, but Durant hopes to conquer the love of basketball fans with attitude, as an occupation player, he make choices for their own occupation career, this is no ground for blame. The United States media "fansided" is pointed out that Durant in the leg position often tattoo another layer of meaning, that is to do a true self. In fact, Durant has always love tattoo on his body also has numerous tattoos, but they can be covered is located in Jersey, perhaps this is the thunder required. But before leaving the thunder after Durant in the leg obvious position tattoo two tattoo, was finally able to release himself, he should live your own life, isn’t it? As is known to all, Durant love in the game put on extended knee, his left leg tattoo may not appear in public. (Deqing) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章:

Smart watch market growth slowed down to 33.5% of Apple’s share continues to lead-www.ddd13.com

Apple smart watch market growth with 33.5% share continues to lead the Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, market research firm Kantar data show that although the smart watch market growth began to decline, but Apple still maintained their leading position in the field. It is worth noting that the data from the sales in July of this year, while many users have begun to wait and see soon after the listing of Apple Watch 2. Data show that, Apple Watch won 33.5% of the smart watch market share, compared with a slight decrease in the second quarter. In Europe’s four largest market, Apple Watch share of $31.8%. Apple Watch 2, although it did not change in appearance, but equipped with GPS, waterproof and other features of its attractive growth, so Kantar believes that this generation of Apple watches will become the target of many users. In addition, because Apple uses the two generation Apple Watch sales strategy, and therefore lower prices will attract a large number of users to see early adopters. Finally, Kantar believes that traditional watch brand pressure will gradually increase, because the Apple Watch in the price and they have a lot of coincidence, but it does not conflict with the ordinary watch, will become the user second tables is preferred. Data show that 5-7 months of this year, 20% of the smart watch buyers are from the traditional brand there defected to, and this number is higher in Europe, reaching 30%. Although the smart watch is still unable to shake the table altar veteran status, but for they have started to change, Fossil, Mondaine and other traditional TAG Heuer brands have launched their own smart watch. (compile sharp) Tencent known institutions account opening technology! Do you dare to flop, I dare to answer in the know you.相关的主题文章:

Shanghai intermediary real estate deal due to fabricate rumors to cancel the net signed qualificatio-candle june

Shanghai intermediary real estate deal due to fabricate rumors to cancel the net signed qualifications for the recent part of the real estate intermediary enterprises deliberately fabricated and spread the "new home" rumors, spreading false information, disrupt the Shanghai real estate market stable and healthy development of such acts, the city housing construction sector has been to fabricate, spread rumors of jinfengyiju, Pacific housing, I love my family other intermediary companies formal investigation, and to suspend the relevant companies involved (or department stores), the net signed qualifications. Municipal Construction Committee said that since the "Shanghai nine" implementation of the new deal, the city housing construction sector was carried out to investigate the relevant intermediary enterprises exist to entice consumers to trade, virtual network and other illegal acts. Chain of home group deovolente realty Co. Ltd. the one hundred and three branch companies and 504th branch, Shanghai I love my home real estate brokerage Co. Ltd. Pu circuit branch, Shanghai Pacific Housing Services Limited Boshan Road, Shanghai rainbow house estate Co. Ltd. and a number of intermediary companies and personnel punished. Municipal Construction Committee stressed that in order to effectively maintain the real estate market order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, will work with relevant departments to further increase the intensity of special rectification of real estate brokers. Illegal violations once verified, will be dealt with according to law. Especially for fabricating rumors, consumer fraud and other acts, the relevant personnel shall cancel the qualification sign, included in the "black list", clean out of the market; ordered the relevant intermediary companies to rectify. (the original title was "fabricated and spread" real deal "rumors, some intermediary companies are filing investigation, suspend the relevant net signed qualifications! ) more exciting content to welcome the search WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章:

People first price of high-end MPV test drive the new Mercedes Benz Vito Beijing – in-www.yofoto.cn

The high-end MPV drive the price close to the people of new Mercedes Benz – Beijing, Beijing, September 22, 21 days, with breaking and also superior calm "as the theme of the new Mercedes – Benz commercial vehicle test drive will be held in Yunnan in Dali. Earlier this month, Fujian Benz Automotive Industry Co. Ltd. officially released the new Vito price in the 2016 Chengdu auto show media day, including the launch of Elite Edition, Business Edition, a total of 6 models, priced at RMB 299000 elite 78, elite edition 9 308000 yuan, 339000 Yuan Business Edition 789. After the release of this price caused public concern, while refreshing the high-end MPV market pricing pattern. The full name of MPV is Multi-Purpose Vehicle, which is a multi-purpose vehicle. It set cars, travel car and function in a van, each car seat can be adjusted, and there are a variety of combinations. The Mercedes Benz luxury sedan is committed to design, to achieve a perfect combination of art and science, the new Vito is Mercedes Benz in the high-end business car in the field of the latest masterpiece, designed for Chinese business elite will be tailored, practicability and economy to enhance its brand value, height, space design and practical There is nothing comparable to this economic benefit, will become the preferred partner for business travel. The new Vito long 5370mm× wide; 1928mm× high 1880mm, wheelbase 3430mm by Mercedes Benz’s new family design language, streamline design appearance using the latest family design standard business style new Vito by Mercedes Benz’s new family design language, streamlined design, with great business atmosphere. At the same time, as a large MPV not only has 0.32 cars with low drag coefficient and high color value. The new Vito standard body color bumpers, headlight shape of the airfoil design, set light, daytime running lights and turn signals one halogen lamp can automatically open the headlight according to the change of the environment. The new Vito using wide-angle rearview mirror mirror on both sides of the electric control area, provide a greater visual area, and improve driving safety. The simple design, three-dimensional integrated taillights turn lights, brake lights, reversing lamp and rear fog lamp. The new Vito long 5370mm× wide; 1928mm× high 1880mm, wheelbase of 3430mm, to create a spacious and comfortable interior space. The new Vito consists of obsidian, Xing Huiyin, Hao white three kinds of body color options. The new Vito the cockpit of symmetrical design layout is simple and clear multi area intelligent air conditioning system interior is simple texture is not simple new Vito the cockpit of symmetrical design, the layout is simple and clear, full consideration of the storage requirement. Whether business negotiations or family behavior to accommodate different needs to provide convenience. The new Vito set the ventilation window in the third row on both sides, through the open cockpit and cabin two control, the maximum angle reached 40mm, convenient rear passenger air circulation. In the original black leather material.相关的主题文章: