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There are usually two questions that .e to mind to every new distributor involved with Multilevel Marketing (MLM). "How much can I realistically expect to earn as a new distributor?" The second is "How can I move as much product as possible?" While there are a few key factors to your making money with any opportunity, my goal for writing this article is to help clarify your questions of how you can efficiently make money with Send Out Cards. It would seem at first look that the Send Out Cards .pensation plan is pretty basic. However when we look a bit closer we see they have included a bunch of ways to achieve additional bonuses and thus additional in.e. The Send Out Card .pensation Plan gives opening for upward mobility which will have a direct effect on raising your in.e through additional .missions earned.. So what is the best strategy for getting to the top producer status in the Send Out Cards .pensation plan? It looks as if the greater part of their bonuses relate to getting fresh Send Out Cards distributors to sign up for the training programs. Send Out Cards distributors only make about 3% of the volume of their retail volume and they are also not eligible to get bonuses on the coaching programs or seminars. It does not appear as if the Send Out Cards distributor would make very much money at first. So there is the distinct possibility that alot of new reps will quit prematurely and some may even declare there is a Send Out Cards Scam as .monly happens to business owner wannabes when they realize work is involved. It’s not until you reach the manager level that you begin to earn worthwhile .missions. However introducing 12 brand new reps into your business will be not easy at first until you be.e adept at marketing. In the beginning, I found it challenging bringing in my first few distributors but now I find its a very simple process and I promise you will too if you stick it out. When you be.e a Send Out Cards manager or senior manager you will in reality be earning more money from the bonuses of your training .missions. Nonetheless, with a large focus placed on training, one should assume exceptional marketing results. However, after getting a ton of feedback from Send Out Cards representatives, I found that the training can vary drastically based on the quality of the trainer.Of course that can be either a good thing or a bad thing. Not so good for those being trained by someone who only has a basic understanding of how to market. But good for you if your Send Out Cards team takes advantage by implementing a training program that goes well above Send Out Cards .pany standards If you use the right marketing strategy, one that plays to the strengths of Send Out Cards then there is a great opportunity for both you and your whole team. It is by setting the example of a good leadership and improving your marketing skills that will allow you to take full advantage of the Send Out Cards .pensation plan and earn higher .missions. Bottom line, Send Out Cards can be a phenomenal opportunity if you understand how to build a business properly. Points To Know While Choosing The Best Studio Coverage Insurance By: Michel Jordan – Author is a reputed insurance agent and has been helping lots of musicians to find the right insurance plan. He also works with the clients from different segments and countries in the music industry. Tags: Caesar Dinucci To Receive .munity Award Anchorage, Alaska By: Boothlillian – Entrepreneur and philanthropist Caesar Dinucci is one of three recipients selected for the 2016 Advancing One .munity Award in Anchorage. 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when all of a sudden a well-dressed gentleman leapt up onto the Bridge’s parapet. Hang on

French people love drinking and eating out. Paris overflows with bars, wine bars, cafs, bistros and restaurants. Tons of fun. But which and where is the oldest one? Let’s begin by wandering down rue Mazarine from the Odon square. Bingo? We almost immediately come on Le Procope, where a plaque affirms it is the oldest caf in the world. It opened in 1686, mainly to offer coffee. This beverage’s fashion had been recently imported from Austria – the Viennese got their caffeine zonks from the Turks during a lull in the Ottoman siege of their city ca. 1623. Voltaire and… God The Caf Procope was an early favorite rendez-vous of actors from the Comdie Franaise – the national theatrical company, then situated nearby- and later, during the turbulent pre-Revolutionary mid-18th century, of Encylopaedists (such as Diderot and D’Alembert) and other non-conformist thinkers, who had this was still during the reign of Louis XV to be careful with what they spouted in public. Voltaire recounts that one day, he and a host of like-minded philosophers wanted to discuss a very thorny issue around a cup of coffee at Le Procope: does God exist? They coded God into Monsieur Nant (Mister Nothing) and the wrangling went on for several hours. At a nearby table sat a gentleman who had time to read his newspaper several times over. Then, out of patience, he stood up and came over to the philosophers. Excuse me, Messieurs, you have been discussing Monsieur Nant. Could you please relieve my curiosity and tell me who he is? According to Voltaire, the answer was shot back with no delay: Yes, of course! He is a police spy DO YOU KNOW HIM? There is a problem with the Le Procope’s claim, however. The owner, Mr. Procope, born in Palermo under the name Procoppio dei Cotelli, had already worked as a waiter at another Parisian caf before launching his own! The first in the world? Sorry… Unless we’re talking about the earliest still extant. But then there are other candidates. Treasures of Paris islands Another site to visit is Ile St-Louis, an island on the river Seine, which was built basically between 1613 and 1700. Our first find is Les Anysetiers du Roy (The King’s aniseed liqueur makers), a restaurant located at No. 61 rue St-Louis-en-l’Isle. Our second find is Le Franc-Pinot, a well-known jazz club located at No. 1 Quai de Bourbon. Both are indeed Procope contemporaries, and have been serving eats and drinks since they were founded in the 17th century. A thought nags the tavern researcher, however: none before the 17th century??? Impossible!! Fifteenth century poet Franois Villon did indeed dedicate tout aux tavernes et aux filles (everything to taverns and girls.). And a listing of taverners dating from 1457 A.D. counts some 200 full-time professionals and another hundred occasionals. A famous tavern of the time was the Pomme de Pin (Pinecone), on Ile de la Cit (the second island in the center of Paris). It survived until the mid-1800s when Paris Prefect Haussmann razed it to make more room for the Htel Dieu hospital adjacent to Notre Dame Cathedral (see: Remnants of the 19th Century Hmm… Ancient Ile de la Cit looks a good place for more fieldwork. Systematic research reveals that today’s taverns around Notre Dame all date from the 19th century period of Haussmann’s urban cleanup. Ah, but wait. Let’s take a look down an authentically quaint sidestreet on Ile de la Cit, rue de la Colombe (The Dove street). We come at No. 4 upon the Rserve de Quasimodo, a wineshop-cum-eatery located in the old building already described in my piece titled "What And Where Is The Oldest House in Paris?"(see:…paris-eiffel-tower-news../paris-stories/paris-story-oldest-house.htm) The Rserve de Quasimodo pretty much ignores (although not scorning) the tourist hordes around nearby Notre Dame Cathedral. Noon and night it serves scrumptious and affordable traditional French fares, ac.panied by vintner-supplied wines. And it offers regular evening supper shows enlivened by oral culture (Old Paris Stories, Tales from Brittany), magicians, a pocket theater group, etc. Prior to that, in 1950, it was bought by Austro-American illustrator Ludwig Bemelmens, best known for his cartoons in The New Yorker and his Madeline children’s album series. A photo from 1869 proves the place was then a wine-bar and wineshop. A Foiled Suicide Skipping back a century-and-a-half from then, right around 1719, we .e to a legend about Cartouche, whose hangout here was the St Nicolas Tavern, a predecessor of today’s Rserve de Quasimodo. Cartouche was the ring-leader of a pickpocket gang that’s documented, since he was executed in 1721. The legend: Cartouche and gang were working the popular and crowded Pont-Neuf bridge one day in 1719, when all of a sudden a well-dressed gentleman leapt up onto the Bridge’s parapet. Hang on, there, Sir, Cartouche is said to have shouted, pulling the fellow back down from a clear suicide attempt. What’s this all about? The gentlemans response: I’m an honest man, indeed an honorable man, and /sniff/ I owe several people much money that I’ll never be able to reimburse…The only honorable way out is to jump into the Seine. Cartouche: Now, now, you just give me a list of your creditors and the sums due. The gentleman bandit invited said creditors to the St Nicholas Tavern at No. 4 rue de la Colombe, wined and dined them abundantly, paid off the suicide candidate’s debts (obtaining receipts, of course) and ordered more and more wine. Then he pulled out his pocket watch, said Sorry, gentlemen, I’ve got an appointment, and disappeared. More librations ensued among the creditors, only too pleased to celebrate their unexpected windfall. When they staggered out onto rue de la Colombe, guess who was awaiting them. Yes, indeed: Cartouche’s gang, who quickly divested them of the debt reimbursements. And The Winner Is…. The St. Nicholas Tavern itself pre-dates Le Procope by a wide margin. The tavern got its name from the patron saint to whom local clergymen had erected a statue in replacement of an earlier pagan statue nicknamed The Man with Doves. The statue of St. Nicholas was torn down in 1792 during the French revolution. It used to be affixed above the door of No. 4 rue de la Colombe. The tavern itself is attested here in… 1240. We got our winner. (article written in collaboration with Arthur Gillette)

Know who you are- Identifying the values and mission of your business is the first step towards greater transparency. Additionally

Business Recent events in the U.S. revealed that there are many unsolved issues related to data protection and its impact on businesses. Efficient Data Protection Is Number One Priority For Your Business Success As information is one of the most valuable resources every company has, efficient data protection is becoming priority No 1 to ensure a suitable security level. According to LRNs Ethics & Compliance Leadership Survey Report*, business leaders admitted that poor data management is an enormous threat for all industries. 78% of respondents claimed that data privacy is the main issue they have to face in 2013 and 68% see proper electronic data protection as an area that is extremely important for business. These insights show that if companies want to survive in an ever changing and enormously risky market, they cannot afford to rely on old data protection strategies. But what should your business consider before switching to a new strategy? Three Things To Consider Before Employing The New Data Protection Strategy Every company wants efficient data protection. Here are three simple steps you should follow to protect your business from potential risks: Know who you are- Identifying the values and mission of your business is the first step towards greater transparency. Additionally, try to understand how data protection and overall security contribute to enhancing those values. Discuss this with employees everybody should look to the same direction if you want to ensure the success of your strategy. Educate your employees- To avoid failures in data protection, teach your employees the essentials. They might think that there is nothing wrong in downloading a file or breaking protection to access some websites, but the reality is different. The smallest irresponsible step can damage a companys information resources. Limit access- Some businesses make a huge mistake by allowing every employee to access to all the companys information. Firstly, this is an inefficient solution finding what you really need within an enormous amount of data requires extra time that could be used for accomplishing other tasks. Secondly, not all employees need the sensitive information to perform their tasks, so why take a risk and allow too many people access to it? Create an information hierarchy give top managers more access but limit resources that assistants or interns can see. Of course, these three steps cannot solve all data management problems. Before recreating an existing strategy, a business has to identify its strengths and weaknesses in order to enhance the former and minimise the latter. However, for the best results you will need advice from qualified professionals. Professional Data Protection Services From Recall Recall is a leading international information management company with a wealth of experience in providing data protection solutions. They work in various industries and have already solved many complex cases, so their knowledge is based on real life situations. Professional Recall information managers are always ready to advise and find the best solution for every client. If you want to know more about their data protection solutions, contact them or visit their website. For more information call 08456 732255, email [email protected] or visit … 。

Why trouble myself with anything

Self-Improvement It’s A Powerful Tool For Success: Conditional Acceptance Let’s face it, Love, acceptance, and approval are the most powerful tools of reinforcing a human being can experience. When an individual has an attitude of partial approval or partial acceptance of others, an attitude of conditional acceptance develops. Statements such as, I’ll accept you when, create hurt, anger, fear, and distrust. When you attach unreasonable conditions within a relationship, your opportunities for ac.plishment and enjoyment diminish. An attitude of conditional acceptance creates resistance to healthy interactions. As you visit a restaurant and order a full-course dinner are you satisfied with a partial meal when you ordered a .plete dinner? Of course not. Settling for being partially accepted as a person is not enough because it doesn’t provide enough emotional and physical nourishment. Conditional acceptance hinders your self-respect and creates resistance toward growth and change. If I allow myself to be partially accepted as a person, or accept others only on a conditional basis, this reduces the trust and .fort needed to achieve fulfilling relationships. Shun placing a limit on the amount of love and energy you give or receive. You don’t have to settle for being accepted as a partial person. How often have you heard the statement, She/he has a great body? Don’t let anyone reduce you to a bunch of parts – hair, nails, skin, arms, or legs. What about the person’s other qualities, such as being .petent, cooperative, conscientious, genuine, honest, faithful, forgiving, judicious, noble, persistent, sensitive, spirited, straight-forward, well-adjusted, thoughtful – to only mention a few? When you’re not appreciated as a whole human being, you be.e discouraged and your self esteem and self-esteem wanes. Begin confirming yourself as a total physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual person. Start behaving and believing that you are unique, a crown of creation. When you expect more of yourself you’ll get more! When you .municate through a negative self-image your message lacks confidence and determination. Conditional acceptance breeds mistrust, fear, and rejection. This condition also creates damaging self-talk, decreasing self esteem and producing non-harmonious interactions. Melting resistance is difficult when one is discouraged and demotivated. Taking risks is not a high priority for the person who experiences conditional acceptance. When the person is disheartened and discouraged they may say, Why trouble myself with anything? With my luck I was bound to fail. I’m not getting anywhere. These statements are signs of frustration and hopelessness. Conditional acceptance creates discouragement and resistance toward change and growth. Unconditional acceptance creates encouragement, warmth, and understanding in relationships. Resistance to growth is eliminated when one is unconditionally accepted. 。