Parkson Department three Yokado Piaoliang lift closed shop tide long-term losses — financial downtu oboni

Parkson Department three Yokado Piaoliang lift closed shop tide: long-term losses — financial downturn formats — original title: Piaoliang three stores Yokado Parkson closed shop tide: the industry downturn lifted long-term losses at present, ten in Fort shop Yokado shopping malls in many commodities have been substantial markdowns this newspaper reporter Li Jia photography as the first shop in China, the business for 18 years in the ten Fort shop will be officially in November 1st Yokado stores closed. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that, facing the same dilemma of the closed shop Parkson group has also previously announced, under the sun palace Parkson stores will also be closed on October 31st. In addition, is located in the Asian Sports Village District of the mall because of the light has always been operating bleak, but also in the near future is facing the fate of the acquisition. Thus, capital of the three Department "spared", set off a new round of closed shop tide. Ten, 18 years after the business shop Yokado closed shop shrinking camp will lose a sub Yokado shopping malls. Recently, Beijing ten Li Bao shop issued a notice, will be out of business in November 1st, which is following the July closure of Daxing shop, shut down second this year in Beijing Yokado shopping malls. Close the shop in ten Fort Yokado shopping malls in Beijing, leaving only Fengtai Road branch, Asian Sports Village branch and two stores in Sanlitun food hall. As the first store opened after China into Yokado, ten Li Bao shop Yokado shopping malls has been operating for 18 years in the region, BYD reporter noted that in the closed and Wangjing Beiyuan Road shop, closed shop Yokado shopping malls has revealed that the reason is the business restructuring, and this, in the announcement Yokado shopping malls the reason for the closed shop but did not mention. Company official said, in addition to the expiration of the contract, the continued loss is one of the leading causes in the closed shop ten fort. Sun Palace Parkson stores closed months Parkson’s September 13th announcement that all the shares will be sold China Affiliated Companies wholly owned and related shareholders’ debt, then Parkson responded that the sale is the Beijing Sun Palace shop, did not withdraw from the China plan. As Malaysia’s largest department stores, Parkson in Chinese also been glory. Public data shows, from 2012 to 2015, Parkson has closed 8 stores at least. At the end of October coming off the sun palace Parkson, fourth stores closed in China this year, Twelfth stores are also closed in Chinese parkson. It is understood that the sun palace Parkson store opened in 2010 has been at a loss. Floating bright shopping center will face the acquisition of the Asian Sports Village shopping district of the floating bright shopping center has been popular since 2001 has not opened. The shopping center is composed of a layer of the department stores and two independent small businesses, Piaoliang shopping center area of more than 20 thousand square meters, but only ONLY, La Natsu Bell and other four well-known clothing brands, the rest are unknown brand of small and medium-sized shops. Some well-known clothing sale will often occupy the shopping center on the first floor hall center. The recent China company has announced that will be $1 acquisition of Beijing Piaoliang shopping center, Piaoliang shopping center and pay 1 billion 500 million yuan in debt. Investigation of transmission box horse Xiansheng disk store ten in Fort Yokado known)相关的主题文章: