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[Patty] Rachel week chowhound Singapore tour tour of Singapore said I must mention that I rarely delicacy, when traveling so hard to check the local what delicious, spent most of the time in the effort to see the scenery and play it. This half a month to go to Singapore before I opened a weight loss model crazy, that I have to see the Singapore eyes shining, the meal has not eaten a good plan tomorrow where to eat, what to eat… Therefore, this article has a Singapore cuisine. However, most of this travel notes are cheap and delicious local characteristics, not the kind of expensive western food. The most important thing is that after so many days of crazy search for food, when I returned home, said the weight actually lost 0.5kg ha ha ha. First secrecy here, look at the delicacy, finally come to share with you! Chicken Rice, Hainan Style: I think if you go to Singapore to find food, so the food locked on, there really is everything. I live next to the hotel there is a food, this is the first night to eat, Chicken Rice, Hainan Style, a total of two kinds, one is a kind of rice, cotton, will face a slightly sweet, I think two is very good oh! Bread: ice cream at night after dinner we went to Clarke Quay around, do your homework before watching everyone said to go to Orchard Road there eat grandpa street carts selling ice cream, in fact, Clarke Quay there Oh, and cheaper than Orchard Road, on the side of the bridge seafood treasures. There are a variety of tastes super can choose finally outside can choose bread or waffles, are quite delicious, ice cream is very fragrant, not too sweet, especially with the Singapore price ratio, this is really the price of cabbage. Impression is the 1.5 new currency, I think it will drool. The second day we went to Sentosa, a Malaysia delicacy street at Universal Studios is the opposite, that there are many similar food, snacks can choose. Claypot chicken rice: This is what I feel inside will sell one of the best, really good food, I began to wait for half an hour, the result is less than 5 minutes my card sign rang, I cook in broken Chinese said that beauty is a little faster, ha ha ha! But the taste is very good oh fried fruit: it is said that Malaysia local dishes, but in fact, when there are a lot of Thailand. Longan water: the sweet smell of mangosteen is good to drink! Penang crystal dew: after not less sweet, the taste is good, topped Coconut Juice, coconut products can try to love. Tofu: from a variety of tofu and vegetables to pick 6 noodles together, but in fact the feeling is a water, so don’t choose those who are not good cook Cai, I like Gai Lan, almost bite, but the flavor is good, relatively light letinous edodes rub the surface: This is not clear, thick, I feel very good oh! TOAST BOX: had second days to eat Ya Kun, but not around the hotel, next to!相关的主题文章: