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Software Each web application developer has option to pick from a wide variety of programming languages. But developers across world opt for PHP to build robust web applications by availing a number of advantages. The huge popularity of server-side programming language can also be estimated from the fact that over 21 million websites and web applications are designed using PHP technologies. As PHP can be embedded within HTML effortlessly, the programmers can build high-performance application without writing .plex and lengthy code. At the same time, the open source nature of the technology makes it easier for enterprises to curtail web application development cost. If you are planning to switch to PHP programming, it is time to understand its potential for web application development. What Makes PHP Web Application Developers First Choice? Higher Level of .patibility As a powerful web programming language PHP supports major operating systems like Windows, UNIX, Mac and WIN32 QNX. At the same time, it is also .patible with major web servers including Netscape, Apache and Microsoft IIS. Further, the programmers are not required to write longer lines of code, as it can be easily embedded in HTML. A PHP application can also run through an already installed simple local host, and thus does not require any specific Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The .patibility of the technology with major operating systems, webs servers and IDEs makes PHP the best option to build web applications. Curtail Application Development Cost With more and more .panies venturing into web application development, the business has be.e .plex and .petitive. At the same time, the ongoing recessional phase of the economy has made it essential for enterprises to explore options to reduce project overheads. Unlike other proprietary web programming languages, PHP is open source, and can also be used free of cost. Also, PHP enables users to process real-time data by using content management systems like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, without paying any licensing fees. The open source nature of PHP is also contributes towards increasing its popularity. Optimize the Applications Performance and Scalability PHP is further used by developers across the world to build a variety of .plex, interactive and high-performing web applications. Many programmers even choose PHP for both front-end and back-end development to optimize user experience without putting any extra effort. The language is further effective in ensuring maximum capability of the code in its functionality as well as execution. At the same time, PHP is considered to be more scalable and reliable, in .parison to other server-side programming languages, for developing custom web applications. As the language work seamlessly on the conventional LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack, it easier for programmers to optimize performance by connecting and aggregating individual .ponents. As the stack does not consume more system resources, the process also contribute towards reducing the time required for loading and executing the web application. Also Usable for Building Mobile Applications Many reports have highlighted the constant growth in the number of users accessing internet on their mobile devices. So a web application must be .patible with major mobile operating systems to be.e hugely popular. Along with developing a variety of web application, PHP is also used by programmers to build mobile apps for mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. The language further enable developers to build both backend-code and front-end user interface at a time, while taking advantages of distinct data sources, cloud services, CRM systems and social networks. Easy to Learn and Use The beginners have to put some amount of time and effort to learn a new programming language. In .parison to other web programming languages, PHP is much easier to learn. So the beginners can easily switch to PHP development. The simple .mand functions and logical syntax further makes it easier for developer to create and optimize applications by describing exact features and functionalities. Also, the developers having prior experience in C and Perl will find PHP much easier. The similarity of syntax will further enable them to write code within a very short span of time. A web application developer also has options to use customized PHP frameworks to build a variety of robust web applications rapidly. At the same time, the beginners can further avail the support of a large .munity of developers, along with accessing a large collection of documentation, tutorials, FAQs and online help. Expert PHP developers India teams can help you build projects within allocated budgets and time schedules. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: