Pope Clement visited Fort suzerain wine world, which is under a hundred dollars for sending vouchers 3u8813

Pope Clement visited Fort suzerain wine world, which is under a hundred dollars for sending vouchers! Sohu and the afternoon of November 9th, the French Bordeaux wine giant Bernard (Bordeaux) · (Bernard Magrez) Mr. magre flew across the continent, from Bordeaux to Shenzhen to visit, and visited the headquarters in Shenzhen wine world. In the afternoon, the micro signal of the red wine world in the circle of friends, sun out of Mr. Magre’s visit to the world of wine, and wine world team dinner. Xiaobian not to think, Bernard · Magre has many fans in the domestic customers, many customers after seeing the photos are unsolicited information about the details of Mr Magre’s visit to the customer is drying out his collection of Bernard · the Magre group’s wine winery. Bernard · Magre visited the wine world customers "bask in" the wine of 1 of Magre’s popular small wine actually knew Bernard · Magre’s Wine popular at home. Early in April this year, Bordeaux started selling wine, Xiao Bian is very concerned about the Bernard · Fort Clement magre Pope’s (Chateau Pape Clement) sales. Only 3 days. The first period of Pope Clement Fort wine sales, wine with the wine world is fighting over to grab a point quota. But these quotas in the wine world wine Forum on the line, it was sold out within a short period of time. In addition to Pope Clement fort, owned by Latour Castle (Chateau La Tour-Carnet) 2012 year Wine also sold red spot early in the world of wine online mall. Red wine is also active in the world procurement colleagues and Lao Tzu’s communication, hope to add more goods. 2 good quality to build a good reputation to find out why Bernard ·, the wine is so popular, the answer is only two words: quality. Bernard opened · magre brochure, home of the first sentence of commitment shows his pursuit of quality: "40 years of self Wine career since my life purpose is always dedicated to creating the best quality, Wine!" Mr. Magre’s purpose in the book can also be confirmed. In the famous Hongkong Wine editor Dr. Billy Mak wrote "the left bank of Bordeaux star wine" in one book, the Pope Clement fort, and Aopeiruo Chateau Latour Castle (Chateau Haut Peyraud) has a similar description: before the winery produced only mediocre, until the current owner Bernard · after the acquisition of Chateau magre vinosity, began to leap. In addition, Robert · (Robert Parker) score on the winery is also getting higher and higher.!相关的主题文章: