Private banks to expand the 14 argument to emphasize the characteristics of management

Private banks expanded to 14 demonstrate the operating characteristics of the week that Chunmin camp bank was established in the pace of speedup is becoming a new force in the lineup of city commercial banks. September 23rd, China Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman Shang Fulin said at the annual meeting of the city business in 2016, this year, 3 private banks to apply for the completion of the argument, which has approved the preparation of the 14. In 2016 March, "NPC and CPPCC", he said, there are 12 private banks to enter the next stage, the CBRC will continue to strengthen policy guidance and communication with local government consultation, set up a mature one. From the 12 to enter the demonstration stage, to the 14 have completed the argument, only half a year in the middle. During this period, Chongqing bank, Sichuan bank, Fumin hope Hunan Sanxiang bank respectively in May, June, August is expected to. Tencent finance from a private bank to complete the demonstration, means that the CBRC control standards, private banks already have a qualification, then the CBRC and the local banking regulatory bureau according to the progress of the preparations, complete the consultation after the formal approval to raise. Tencent finance was informed that several private banks currently including Fujian Huatong banks, have completed the consultation, in the near future is expected to get approval to raise. According to CBRC vice chairman Cao Yu introduced since 2014 to carry out the pilot, the first 5 private banks started smoothly, business model, governance structure, risk control system has been preliminarily established, as of 6 at the end of 2016, 5 private banks with total assets of 114 billion 900 million yuan, 51 billion 200 million yuan of loans, non-performing loan rate of 0.34%. At the meeting, Shang Fulin and Cao Yu also stressed that private banks should adhere to the characteristics of management. Because the current banking services competition is more intense, can not find their own characteristics of the development path, the development will be more difficult." Shang Fulin said. Cao Yu also believes that China is not short of traditional commercial banks, the banking industry in general is still very competitive. The establishment of private banks, mainly in order to improve the structure of the banking industry, expand the banking function, through the establishment of private property rights, positioning characteristics bank, make up the traditional banks, improve the small and micro enterprises, three rural and community financial services. He said that five of the first pilot of the private banks try to do something on the operating characteristics for example, some operating system innovation, build a system architecture of the original operation and maintenance costs to a traditional bank 10%; some establish mass line lending model, service for farmers and rural small and micro some operators to explore and promote the financial services branch. Considering the risks of innovation, Cao Yu also suggested that regulators and shareholders of private banks should change the idea, improve the tolerance to allow trial and error, failure tolerance, support private bank bold innovation. Tencent finance from a number of private banks was informed that regulators require new private banks to meet the "one point", which is a private bank in three years, only in a local city, set up a branch. This means that the private banks in the early days can not be carried out through a large-scale network to lay down the business, the Internet has become one of the development path. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeap).相关的主题文章: