Qin Wei raped 8 people sued 49 years minimum victims at the age of 14 gamelink

Qin Wei raped 8 people sued 49 years minimum victims only 14 year old Qin Wei sued Qin Wei in 49 years Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan artist Qin Wei in June this year by a female stylist sue Qin Wei accused of sexual assault, "I really want to have children", "love you" to excuse her to bed the results lead to a number of women, have their own complaints by Qin Wei sexual assault, showbiz shock bomb detonated. Although Qin Wei held to claim that only "emotional bias" press conference, but the Taipei District found the murdered woman’s condition is similar, and clearly pointed out that the Qin Wei crime time, therefore not admissible Qin Wei arguments. Taipei prosecutors believe that there are 8 female victims, including 14 underage girls, forced sexual intercourse, according to this forcible attempted 12 accusations sued Qin, and specific for a sentence of 49 years in total, prosecutors identified a deviation of the concept of Qin and Qin, please the court whether the compulsory treatment necessary identification. Prosecutors said Qin Wei involving criminal compulsory intercourse crime 7 times and 3 times of attempted crime of forcible accusations, prosecution. Another 3 crimes were found guilty of insufficient, to be prosecuted. The indictment alleges that, Qin Wei Department of performing arts, and served as the company responsible person, in their work and life have repeatedly met women a chance in 1997 years, due to participate in the variety show show fire tattoo, the medical staff and individual long-term efforts, treatment and rehabilitation in good condition, in order to participate in the days after repeated experience or held public welfare activities, to give a positive image of the outside world. Not because of the Ju on the outside and must respect others, anti heart or evil, with its positive image and may make non engaged in performing the work of those who worship, vision and psychological status: were the following acts: Qin in the early March 2010, presided over the activities and meet A female, unexpectedly forced sexual intercourse intent on one day in March 8th of the same year after February in the morning, to please A female for its other grounds, it was a woman to invite A in residence Xinyi District letter Taipei City, while the female clothing to pick A rather than the preparedness of the opportunity in the closet, a A woman down on the bed beside me, regardless of A female sex has not said "don’t understand", and to hand on its resistance, hand in his pants against, still forced to A female forced sexual intercourse. Qin in the 07 years between July one day, in a convenience store, to request the shooting of MV is approached to only 17 years old B female, B female and get the phone number, then in 2 days after the B meeting in Taipei to discuss the offer five Po District somewhere, driving with B female, but to a motel in New Taipei City, using B female juvenile rather than simple thinking, the heart is afraid to dare not to have the psychological question situation, and based on the criminal intention of juvenile compulsory intercourse, regardless of their sexual behavior than female B and said "don’t understand" and oppose and pull the meaning of force B women forced sexual intercourse. Qin in the 07 years the Qixi Festival Valentine’s Day (in calendar August 19th) after the 4 day, 5 days to 1 weeks in the evening, and then invite B female to meet, by driving with B female, and based on the criminal intention of juvenile compulsory intercourse, drove to Taipei City, a lane stop, press the passenger seat switch makes B female B female to lie down, regardless of hand push resistance and understand)相关的主题文章: