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Refused to allow the sightseeing tourism industry for the first time switching Guangtai parade "survival" – Beijing "survival, work, food and clothing" demands, from Ketagalan Boulevard in Taipei on September 12th in the afternoon. "Millions of self-help tourism parade in the rain. This is following the September 3rd Taiwan government work group took to the streets to protest to the DPP authorities after a large-scale protest. Since the DPP ruling, the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan tourism plummeted, Taiwan dropped to the freezing point, the industry living bleak, struggling 100 days, but can not wait until the DPP authorities put forward countermeasures, so the industry decided to take to the streets to express their aspirations. This is the Taiwan tourism industry for the first time in history on the streets shouting protest. Voice reporter arrived in Taipei at noon in Huashan city cultural and creative park, see much of Taiwan tourism industry gradually came to gather here, including the travel industry, quality association, guide industry, tour industry, hotel industry, home industry, yacht industry, tourism industry, market beef noodle industry, restaurant industry, tourism industry, recreation industry products help Chiayi, a number of industry associations have joined the parade. In today’s parade more than 10 thousand people from Taipei, Taitung, Hualian, Kaohsiung, Chiayi, Nantou, Taiwan and more. Industry said that two in the morning came from Taitung. When it began to rain, but it was not the determination to go to the streets. Travel industry are dressed in white, wearing a white hat, hat tied with the slogan written on the cloth, hand-held catchphrase homemade. The procession of several teams in succession by road, Jenai road road to Ketagalan boulevard. Shouted "survival, work, food and clothing" slogan, while playing both sides of a pro "and" don’t let the light change tourism "and" tourism, the revitalization of Taiwan gas "and other slogans, asked the DPP authorities to find countermeasures, save the Taiwan tourism in winter. With a group of mainland tourists tour guide surnamed Zhang said, he worked as a tour guide has been 6 years now, seeing the group of mainland tourists less. From the beginning of August, there is no band can be difficult. He estimated that about 90 people with the tour guide of the group were about the same as he was in the city of 100. The tour guide and driver on behalf of farmers, one after another came to power to express feelings. They said that many people have been unemployed or underemployed, the corresponding family life will be affected. "Millions of tourism industry self-help," said the reduction in the level of land travelers continue to expand, what the industry really needs is not the government 30 billion yuan (NT, the same below) of the relief funds, but the source of tourists. "Miserable" industry "5 to 20?" the DPP, the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan plummeted, Taiwan’s tourism industry into the winter, facing a critical juncture, Taiwan tourism industry has become the "miserable" industry. According to Taiwan authorities statistics, the number of visitors to Taiwan since May, a decrease and then reduced to 55% in August compared with the same period last year, a decrease of 1 from the year of August, the industry is estimated to be worse in the fourth quarter. Before the end of the year is expected to land passengers may be reduced by 650 thousand this year, mainland tourists to Taiwan tourism foreign exchange revenue, compared with last year will be greatly reduced by $36 billion. Lu Peng plunged Taiwan tourism industry, not only the tour guide to pay unpaid leave and tour bus idle, travel agencies, restaurants and other upstream and downstream industrial chain in advance相关的主题文章: