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Rumor: webike is not WeChat’s "bicycle sharing", employees just transport Sohu technology unprepared, and bicycle scraper. But the bigger gimmick — green is also the name of WeChat logo webike. Some people even shouted: WeChat to get a share of the bike! Unfortunately, this is not the case. These photos were actually taken at the entrance of the WeChat headquarters of the T.I.T Creative Park in Guangzhou, and the bike actually came from another 700bike. Plainly, this is actually WeChat 700bike custom for short distance transport staff. Pictures from the public number Tencent enterprise number WeChat also through the public number, Tencent enterprise number issued a formal push activities. Which also marked a number of important provisions: only Tencent (WeChat) employees to use; take car parking only two fixed locations. The site can see two types of bicycle, corresponding to 700bike’s two models: "the Milky Way", "backstreet". The official website of the two quotations were 3599, $3999. The other two parameters are slightly different, which earlier released "the Milky Way flagship portable folding; the new release of the" Backstreet "is the main concept of city road. Site security of love fan children (micro signal: iFanr) said: Although this batch of bicycle does not own bicycle lock, but they will still use daily after stopping the chain and lock them, only in the employee leasing will open the lock. This fact is 700bike at the end of August this year launched the "Cool Company" series of the latest works. In the 700bike with a number of technology companies: ant nest, lychee FM, W advertising agency, Muji for cooperation, and create a customized coating for their products. 700bike also love to fan children (micro signal: iFanr), said: we are still looking for a similar Cool Company."            相关的主题文章: