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Ruoergai: when the young happy life must, Carnival – Sohu tourism night rest, all the basic and full blood resurrection. Gansu Langmu, namely Sichuan, gray days, the vast field, the vast grasslands of Ruoergai, at the foot of. In Ruoergai, the Tibetan language as read "if the GA", which means the Han yak love place. According to legend, King Che Jude Xan, sent minister conquest border, in the Quartet, Ruoergai area generals, named if Pakistan GA Gordon, the local people called it as "if Ga", later expanded and evolved into the local tribal name, Ruoergai have become the local names. Walk along a road in the Yellow River, the Yellow River youth, long walks, meandering winding in North Sichuan on the earth. Did not go far, just to meet once a year at the local herdsmen in the red horse racing festival. When I heard that there was a horse race, the children began to go on horseback riding. Follow the prescribed order of tourism, is always less some inexplicable encounter, the less the number of unknown surprises. This unexpected horse racing festival, out of thin air to make everyone a little joy. I have children swim, cross my bluish white horse, sword Lake, Whitehead for fame. Xiaofeng cold fluttering, Chad grass, look back at the Condor, Trinidad Muyun ping. Perhaps in the children heart, and grassland like the children, have a dream knight, rode Malaysia, sword horizon, from the prairie fast, it must be a cool thing to hit the horse and, through the boundless earth, cars will be more than the playground, is lofty. Some people ask, answer at half past ten, everyone scattered on the prairie, waiting for the start. The top of the plateau of the sun, until half past ten, nothing happened; ask the police, a eleven point, eleven point to continue in the best of spirits, and still no movement, and some disgruntled; ask racer, said half past eleven, helpless, have to wait so long time, also do not care to wait for half an hour, and then continue to wait in the crowd, while waiting to see it. The children bored. Vigny sat on the grass, doing nothing, pulling grass, and making a ring for her mother. And why in the crowd around the boy wandering around, look east look west watch. One mother stone while automatic speaking, into his mouth with snacks while his mother to share. Sail is three body and neck, eagerly looking forward to racing to start, not long before sailing simply ran back, and continue to struggle to reverse. Jing Ming, Victor, Yi City and can still laugh vibrant, Dadanaonao whisper from time to time, from time to time. The little swallow stood a squat, silent Speechless on the grass. You stand in the crowd, calmly watching the comings and goings of sentient beings. Miao Miao occasionally together in several children playing on the front, and sometimes Vigny, small stones together. Ding Ding at this time has not been from the god horse prince charming body back, and mother snuggle together, sit on the sidelines of brothers and sisters slapstick. One of the most asked question is: why not start? Far the world, sheep in cruising, raging like a storm, can not help but think, er Lang Mu Ge bottom temple?相关的主题文章: