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Sheng Songcheng: the government income accounted for about 60% of supply prices are more prominent in Sheng Songcheng: the problem of the supply of real estate market is more prominent three suggestions in October 30th to attend the 2016 World Conference and the first block chain Internet plus manufacturing industry innovation and development forum and delivered a keynote speech at the people’s Bank of Chinese adviser professor Sheng Songcheng. He said that the supply of China real estate market problems are more prominent, the current real estate regulation in our country should pay attention to the combination of supply and demand control regulation, regulation and regulation of the combination of short-term long-term, and deal with the relationship between real estate and economic development. On the basis of the existing demand regulation, to further improve the supply control measures to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market. The following is the full text of the speech: the effect of China’s real estate regulation has been unsatisfactory, almost unilateral rise in prices, it seems that the more regulation, the higher the price. On the first tier cities and some second tier cities, we believe that one of the main reasons for poor regulation is not the real estate supply and demand regulation and control. In October this year, the rapid rise in the number of domestic real estate hot cities once again introduced the real estate regulatory policy. From the intensive regulatory policy can feel the high prices, asset bubbles and the future of China’s economic concerns. Generally speaking, the demand regulation is mainly focused on the short term, the supply control is more focused on the medium and long term, and supply regulation is helpful to stabilize the public expectation. In the case of market differentiation, in the classification policy, the policies applied by the city under the background of real estate regulation in China need to pay attention to the combination of supply and demand, long-term and short-term regulation control combination, and handle the relationship between real estate market and economic development. Consistency is one of our country, the real estate regulation to control the main demand of China’s real estate cycle inflection point and the real estate regulation policy is high, reflects the characteristics of China’s real estate regulation to short-term demand regulation: when the price is too high, by inhibiting the demand to cool the market; in the real estate downturn or atrophy the same period, is used to promote the needs of control means. For example, in 2005 the introduction of a series of demand control measures (including the abolition of housing loan interest rate preferential policies, increase the proportion of loans Shoufu etc.), the growth rate of real estate sales have dropped significantly; the real estate market in 2008, 2012 and upward, the recent round of rising prices (the beginning of the end of 2014), all departments and relax on demand control. Recently, the hot city once again launched the real estate regulatory policy. In the case of Beijing, published in September 30th, "a number of measures" to promote the real estate market stable and healthy development of the proposed efforts to increase the supply of residential land, rationally adjust the structure of land supply, accelerating the owner occupied housing land supply, to strengthen the control of land, limited housing "transactions, to further improve the differentiated the housing credit policy and other measures. Shanghai following the Shanghai nine, and in October 8th announced six measures to strictly enforce the restriction, limited credit and other real estate market regulation policies to ensure the smooth and healthy development of the real estate market. By comparing the recent real estate regulation and control of several cities in the new deal (as shown in Table 1), you can see相关的主题文章: